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  1. Isaac-1

    Indoor vinyl pool renovation LED lighting?

    Well it is finally time (past time) for a new liner in my indoor pool, and while I am at it this winter I plan to likely do some other renovation. Which leads to my specific question, what are your thoughts on the current state of LED pool lights, I have not had much time to spend on pool...
  2. Isaac-1

    Uses for an ORP meter?

    Ok guys, I have a question for the pool chemistry experts out there, I have unexpectedly acquired a handheld ORP meter Specifically a Myron L company Ultrameter II model 6p and I am wondering if I should sell it on ebay or would it be handy to have around / worth investing in a new sensor for...
  3. Isaac-1

    Diagnose pump motor issue?

    My 3 year old 2 speed pump motor has started making a strange noise, and I am not sure where to look for the problem. It has started making a loud Awwwkkkzzz sound whenever it starts up or switches from low to high speed. This is a brief sound, maybe 1/4 second (about as long as it takes to...
  4. Isaac-1

    How warm for IG vinyl liner replacement?

    I know this is a bit of an odd question, but how warm does it need to be to replace the liner in an inground pool. I know many of the threads on this subject talk about liners being easier to handle after being warmed by the sun, etc. Well I have an indoor pool so don't have that luxury, and I...
  5. Isaac-1

    Possible Dolar Store Bleach warning

    This is just a heads up alert, I just added Dollar General house brand Concentrated Bleach to my pool and ended up with foaming, I suspect this bleach may be mislabeled or otherwise contaminated as I noticed there is now a "Splashless" version of this house brand bleach available at the store...
  6. Isaac-1

    Help need DIVING not N0-Diving sign

    I need help locating a replacement safe diving sign as my old one is getting brittle and cracks if touched. Here is my old one, I would like to find another copy of it or similar I bought it off ebay several years ago and there are no markings to suggest who made it. thanks Ike
  7. Isaac-1

    Rocky Mountians Summer Vacation?

    My wife and I are taking a vacation in a few weeks, we are flying do Denver, visiting some relatives there, then renting a car and planning on making a 6 or 7 day loop through the mountains, probably into Wyoming then back around to Denver before flying home. Anyway I was wondering if anyone...
  8. Isaac-1

    2 speed pump noise?

    Well it is 2:10 am, and I am laying here and can't sleep, so of course I am thinking about the pool. I was just wondering if it is common for 2 speed pumps to make the droning whiirrrwhiiirrrwhiirrrr sound like mine does when set to low (the sound repeats 1 or 2 times per second, not loud, just...
  9. Isaac-1

    Travertine "Remodel Coping" on vinyl pool?

    I am wondering if anyone here has used Travertine "remodel coping" with the wrap around L shape bullnose over old style white aluminum coping on a vinyl pool? I don't recall any pools with it in remodel threads, and don't find any with the search feature. Ike this sort of stuff
  10. Isaac-1

    Working pool and household projects

    Am I the only one that feels like they are spending too much time working on pool, garden and house projects to actually use the pool? Today's project is re-wall paper the pool house bathroom (the old wall paper was shot, delaminating, but it was also 30+ years old), the new stuff is some...
  11. Isaac-1

    Edible gardening projects, anyone else?

    It is well into spring time here in Louisiana with daytime highs in the upper 70's most days for the last month or so. Due to losses of a number of fruit trees around the yard over the last few years, I decided this was a good year to go through, replant and expand the inventory of edibles...
  12. Isaac-1

    The grass is always greener...

    Now that the hectic busy summer season is slowing down, I thought it would be a good time ask everyone, if you had to build your pool again, what would you do different. Lets say you moved to a new house without an existing pool. Would you stick with the same type construction (plaster, vinyl...
  13. Isaac-1

    So how long does Trichlor last?

    We often get asked by people wanting to switch to using bleach, but already own a tub of trichlor, just how long it will last. Well today I needed a couple of trichlor pucks (CYA and FC a little low, plus needed to lower pH a little), and happened to have an unoppened 37.5 pound tub of trichlor...
  14. Isaac-1

    Jandy 7235 check valve?

    Does anyone know the width of pipe cutout needed for a Jandy 7235 180 degree 1.5/2 inch check valve? thanks I can't find it online even in the installation guide Ike
  15. Isaac-1

    Finding old attachements?

    How do I find old attachments I have used in the past? I know there was a way, but can't find it now.
  16. Isaac-1

    Alternative Pool Construciton Methods

    I am starting this thread to ask what types of alternative in ground pool construction are you aware of that is currently being utilized in the industry outside of the common gunite, shotcrete, vinyl liner, pre-cast fiberglass pools, or buried above ground pools? In the past we have seen...
  17. Isaac-1

    Dead Dolphin

    Well after less than 2 years my Dolphin Diagnostic Pro is dead (something in the motor box is dead), so I have broke down and went with an Aquabot Turbo T as a replacement, at least you can buy replacement parts for the Aquabot. I am not too upset about the Dolphin as I bought it cheap off ebay...
  18. Isaac-1

    Problem with new post search

    Lately I have been experiencing a problem with the new posts search function, where it often lists 2-4 posts below the "The threads below have not been updated since your last..." line that are in fact new based on the time stamp. For example I checked new messages a bit less than 2 hours ago...
  19. Isaac-1

    Pool math feature request

    Can we get a drop down box with valid units of measure for the effects of chemicals section, and can it include pounds so we don't have to get a calculator out to convert pounds to ounces. Ike
  20. Isaac-1

    Vinyl Pool CH?

    Is there such a thing as too low of CH for a vinyl pool? I ask because my fill water (well) CH is down to 20 ppm (it varies depending on season, droughts, etc. but is always below about 70 ppm). Looking for your thoughts, not just reciting numbers from pool school, etc. Ike
  21. Isaac-1

    Pool Life expectency poll?

    For those of you that are considering building an inground pool, or have recently built one, I was wondering how long you expect your pool to last before being filled in or majorly renovated (not just maintenance items like vinyl liners or new plaster)?
  22. Isaac-1

    Plaster pool curing and acid use?

    I don't own a plaster pool and have limited experience with them, someone that does not use the internet asked me a question that I don't know the answer to, so I thought I would ask here. Do plaster pools always use more acid than an equilvelant fiberglass or vinyl pool (say two pools next...
  23. Isaac-1

    Pool / Yard ratio Survey?

    I was wondering what is the typical amount of back yards taken up by pool, including deck? Plus I wanted to play with the new poll option So here is the question, how much space does your pool take up: extra points for giving idea of yard size and setting (urban, suburban, large city, small...
  24. Isaac-1

    high pressure misting systems?

    I am planning on installing a high pressure misting system to keep things cool around the pool before this summer, and I was wondering if anyone here as any experience with them? I am not talking about those garden hose attachment misters, but actual high presser 1,000+ psi misting foggers...
  25. Isaac-1

    Chlorine dosage for a Spa with Ozone and SWG

    As you may know I recently bought a hot tub, now I am trying to come up with a maintenance schedule for chlorination, etc. I know this will take some fine tuning, and there are a number of factors at play, but I hope to get things close to an equilibrium point so everything flows routinely. The...
  26. Isaac-1

    So I bought a used hot tub

    I have been considering the purchase of a hot tub for some time, as I fell and broke my back about 3.5 years ago and soaking in hot water helps it hurt less after an active day. So a few weeks ago I decided to go ahead and buy a hot tub, at first I started shopping for new models, but living in...
  27. Isaac-1

    Search Function Frustration

    Is there anything that can be done to make the search function more useful. I have tried a number of searches since the big switch over and can't find anything. Mostly it seems the search function is dropping all the common words in the search term, and returning hundreds of non-relevant...
  28. Isaac-1

    Minor issue to report

    One more minor issue I have found: Titles are being truncated in "New Posts" For examples "Pump and filter for a new 24 ft above ground" reads as "Pump and filter for a new 24 ft above" in New Posts search Ike p.s. this seems to be an effect of screen width and font size, along with...
  29. Isaac-1

    Hot tub with Ozone and SWG target numbers?

    I know I picked a bad time with the outage this weekend, but it looks like I will be getting a used hot tub this weekend, price is right, nice tub, lots of those bells and whistles. Anyway I need some start up target numbers, this tub has both an SWG and a UV Ozonator (may need new bulbs). As...
  30. Isaac-1

    So who had plumbing issues in the big freeze?

    I was lucky overall here in Louisiana, it was down to 17 degrees last night, and a high of 45 today, we went about 36 hours with below freezing temperature. I had one CPVC hot water stub to nowhere outside my laundry room freeze and break, simple fix, cut the stub back and capped it off with a...