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    Mutagenic pool water due to disinfectant byproducts

    Interesting read over on referencing a study on pool/spa water and how disinfectant byproducts build up over time: Hot tubs and swimming pools are not as clean as you may think
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    Worried there's a leak in the winter cover - First time opening

    I've been pumping water off the solid plastic cover in preparation for opening. I noticed the water on top of the cover was 2ft+ deep in the center of the cover. Not quite as deep on the the sides. I thought the center would come up as I pumped up water. I've pumped maybe a foot off. I feel...
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    Is this right? Return split between SWCG and heater

    So I returned home to my pool install. Fully plumbed and wired now. However the plumbing isn't quite what I expected. Let me describe the setup: Skimmer and main drain comes into the pump. Pump goes out and into the filter Here's where I was surprised: Out of the filter goes to another valve...
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    New Pool Build - IG Vinyl in Central Massachusetts

    Been waiting a short while to start my own build thread. PB will be here tomorrow morning! :cheers: The spec: 18’x36' IG Vinyl Pool 26,000 gallons Rectangluar 2’ radius corners + 10’ roman stairs 10" Concrete walls + Vermiculite floor 2” PVC plumbing – 1 skimmer – 2 main drains (plumbed...
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    Concrete coping not appropriate for freezing winters?

    We're installing a IG, concrete walled, vinyl lined pool this June. I had the first patio guy over to chat this evening and I was surprised that he strongly advised against installing poured concrete coping around our pool because of our climate. He said it will crack and the cracks will be much...
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    Filter Type Choice - Backwashing to woods - Also have well

    Hi, I've got the PB coming over tomorrow to work out the final details of our IG Vinyl pool install. I've learned a lot reading Pool School and the forums. This is a great site! However, I'm still stumped on filter choices. I'm leaning towards a DE filter, but my #1 concern is about the safety...
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    Photo request - Inground Pool mid yard surrounded by fence

    Hi, We're planning our pool now. We have a large yard and think we'd prefer to have the pool away from the house by 50-75ft. Mainly because we use the sliding door and deck in the back a lot and want direct access to the yard without having to go through the fence. I also like to setup a canopy...
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    Hi from central Massachusetts - MassNerd

    Just saying Hi. I've been learning a lot by lurking on these very helpful forums. I live in Rutland, MA and am researching for a in-ground pool install (lined, 18x36 rectangle or 18x41 roman) this year. I've considered JC Pools, Snyder and Surfside so far. Cheers! :cheers: