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    Fc will not go up

    Hello everyone - I installed a pentair vsf and a new pentair tr100 sand filter and while everything was down for the 3 unexpected days it took my pool went murky and now I can’t raise fc. I added 5 bottles of 10% and fc read 3 (previously zero). I added 8 more jugs a few hours later and now I...
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    Discharge leak on threads new pump

    Installed new intelliflo and got small leak at the discharge thread. I used magic lube red on thread and hand tightened and it bottomed out right when it got tight. Wondering if my fitting is defective and short by a thread or do I need something else?
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    Union issue

    I plumbed in a new vsp and filter as well as new jandy valves. When I installed the jandy valve that connects to the pump via a union I guess I did not have the union connected so the valve is tilted ever so slightly which causes the union to be down 10 degrees. Luckily this all connects to abs...
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    Abs transition to pvc

    Hello - I am redoing my pool pad with new equipment and plumbing. While I am doing that I am upgrading to 2” pipe. I under stand you need a barb fitting with hose clamps to transition from abs to pvc but I am having a **** of a time finding this fitting to even order it. Any one have ideas or...
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    Automatic cover gear issue

    My auto cover sheared a bolt but i am unsure if previous owners had it jerry rigged or what i need to do. Is there a special hardware piece to fit both sides of these holes? When i wedge a bolt in there the cover opens and closes. When it falls out it just spins the shaft so i know something...
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    Replumbing pad with new VSP and sand filter

    I am looking for help and ideas on how to do this plumbing. The previous owners had a handyman or someone do it and have always wanted to redo it but pump finally died and going to redo it. Adding pentair 011028 VSFP and pentair tr100. This filter is about 8” bigger than existing so may turn...
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    Drain water with automatic cover?

    I have a solid automatic safety cover, gizmos and L shaped pvc fittings that go above water level for returns. Can i install all of these and blow out without draining or should i drain below skimmer? Cover sags so much when i drain below skimmers. I have drained in the past but this is a...
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    Upgrading to VSP

    Hello - looking at upgrading to a Pentair Intelliflo 011028 pump (my motor is about to Crud out, I doubt it will make it through the summer). While I am doing this I am going to update some plumbing and size up my filter... My equipment pad is enclosed so trying to plan out if everything is...
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    Don't cringe at this but new multiport valve

    I am needing to install a new multiport valve (as you can see the previous owners have JB welded the heck out of it - but it is still leaking). I want to get rid of the booster pump (no longer use the pressure side cleaner, we got a robot). I am going to redo this entire plumbing mess but...
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    CLosing 1st time

    I am closing my pool myself for the first time and pretty familiar with the plumbing but it is a cluster back there. I watched the last company close everything so familiar with all the equipment and drain plugs but I did not see them blow out the lines. I purchased a cyclone to do this but I...
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    Just opened

    I am adding a swg this weekend but wanted opinions on numbers aince i have never had swg. FC. 6 Cc 0 Ph 7.6 TA 70 CH 75 (pretty low?) Cya 50 Salt 1,000 I know i need to add salt and i have it ready but before i did i wanted to get wverything else in line. I need to add cya for swg to 70-90...
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    Salt Quality

    Anyone have experience with this salt? I keep seeing mixed reviews on Morton salt. is it that bad? It is over half the price as the other places in town. Thanks...
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    Opening Pool

    Here is the situation. my pool is closed and has L shaped PVC to keep jets above water level. I am getting a new cover and have to raise the water up to the skimmer. Would it be an issue to fill the pool before officially opening it? (IE starting anything/removing those l shaped pvc/etc...)...
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    Automatic Cover Vinyl Replacement

    Needing to get new cover on our automatic cover. What is existing is the Cover Pool Save-T II and although I don't know how old it is it seems to have lastest a long time . What are some good brands on covers? Local areas deal with Cover Pool and Pool Cover Specialist (latham). What are some...
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    Brown Slime

    I have a standalone spa and noticed I am getting a brown slime forming all over the handles and on the bottom of the cover. This is only happening in areas outside of the water. Anyone know what the cause is (I have read High PH) and how to get rid of it and prevent it from happening again...
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    Advice on replacing single speed with VS pump

    I am still learning about this pool and we are looking at adding a circupool RJ60 Swg but want to replace the pump as well with a variable speed ... problem is i dont understand how to size it or what to look for? I have read several articles and they seem to point in different directions...
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    Adding SWG (Brands and sizing help)

    Have a 36,000 gallon IG vinyl pool. I keep reading about sizing it larger than the pool but all I find is examples of pools that run in the 20,000 gallon range. To the pool that have larger pools - what brands have people had most success with? Also I am looking at doing this myself but...
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    High bromine... does it affect ph?

    I know in my pool that when shocking and chlorine is above 10 you cannot get an accurate reading wih ph. Is that the case with bromine too?. I had lowered the ph to 7.0 before to lower ta from 100 to 50. I have aerated it back up to 7.5. I added bromine and shocked and now getting a 8.0+ ph...
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    Vinyl liner wrinkle repair

    So my liner ended up coming out of the track and got a lot of water behind it. I removed all the water and had a big wrinkle on the 1st step. Since there isnt a lot of water above it it was easy to move. I ended up working the wrinkle out but now there is an excessive amount of liner above...
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    Killer deal on bleach

    Thought i would pass this along but dont know where to post but cheapest i have seen bleach. menards has 128 oz 12.5% jugs for $1.77 (after rebate or $1.99 after sale) Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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    Pool calculator

    Ph is 7.9 and need to bring it down ... I got MA from home depot and it is 20% (13 baume) but no option for that on pool calculator. Is there a way to add it or what do you guys do?
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    How many of you have fell in the pool while cleaning?

    I wonder because i almost did today not paying attention to the ladder. I have yet to but waiting for the day
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    Limited space to install swg

    I am wondering if you guys removed your chlorinator and installed the swg where it is? I do not have a lot of space to put it and was thinking that was an option since the swg would be used while away (only use chlorinator while away)
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    Water flooded back in the pool

    Not sure if this is right sub to post in but any ideas on fixing flooding problems around the pool? i recently posted about mysterious green pool after fc and levels were perfect. A few days later we got 2" of rain and saw my yard was flooding into the pool i am currently in the SLAM process...
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    More questions on CYA

    A month ago (i opened our new pool - old pool - new to us)i tested my CYA at 100+.. I drained 50% and it was down to 80s. i got a wonderful green pool now so i drained more than 50% and refilled and started the SLAM i tested CYA again and it is 100+ does algae or slam affect cya? how in the...
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    Crystal clear pool to green overnight

    Last night my pool was crystal clear. Just letting chlorine drift after a slam. Here are readings: FC: 10.5 cc: 0 ta: 145 cya: 80 Ph: 7.5 we had a lot of rain last few days and woke up today and pool is nearly to the top and a cloudy green. What can this be and how can i fix this? (I am...
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    11 days post slam

    Hello - i am currently 11 days since i SLAMed due to reading 1 CC. My water is crystal clear still but my FC is still at 22 (31 FC during slam due to CYA). I passed all SLAM requirements so dropped adding bleach 11 days ago. It has been rainy a lot here so not much UV to burn off FC which i...
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    Polaris 9550 Sport

    I just got the Polaris 9550 sport (which I absolutely love) and retired my pressure side Polaris 380. This thing works awesome but I am finding that when it is picking up the fine dirt it is clouding the water and after a few hours the dirt just settles back to the bottom (but it gets...
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    More chemical questions

    ok I took my water sample in to a local pool place... They read my free chlorine at 3.5 and my total chlorine of 4.4 so advised I shocked to remove the combined chlorine... They are telling me to put 15 bags of their "Burnout 35" in it.. They pointed me to the display and they were almost...
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    Chlorine keeps rising

    New to this but we have an automatic cover that has been on since opening the pool back in mid april. The pool has not been used but i monitor it throughout the week. The chlorine levels started at 4-5 and raised to 6 during first week so i turned down the chlorinator to .5(was at 1.5 from...