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    Cal Hypo Comparison

    Less is more. Don't be adding minerals and chemicals with questionable benefits. Straight from the Pool School ABC's of pool chemistry you only need to worry about: Chlorine, CYA, Calcium (although less so in your vinyl pool) and balancing Ph. Not sure what's in "7-in-1" versus plain CalHypo...
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    New build in MA

    Wow, that has to be one of the nicest vinyl pools I've ever seen. I didn't know you could do some of that with Vinyl! It turned out incredible. Congrats on the new pool. And great taste in liner! Looks almost exactly like the one we selected.
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    Is CASH really king for an OB?

    I got a price of $11K for my decking, offered cash and they dropped it to $10K.
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    The olympics needs you!

    Given how quickly it must have turned colors and the brightness and uniformity of the color, metal coloring would be my guess. Would a pool really turn that green from Algae overnight?
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    Hayward ColorLogic Lights Malfunctioning

    I'm experiencing an issue with a 2 year old Colorlogic 4.0 light. Not quite the same but I can't change between "light shows". It turns on solid purple and never changes off that color. Cutting power to the controller solve the issue but only temporary. A couple days later back to purple...
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    The olympics needs you!

    Nice pond they have there.
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    Greenish Dirt or Algae on bottom of pool

    It is allergy season.... Is it possible that what is collecting at the bottom of the pool is pollen? You did pass the OCLT.
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    Mutagenic pool water due to disinfectant byproducts

    Very good points JV!
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    Mutagenic pool water due to disinfectant byproducts

    Interesting read over on referencing a study on pool/spa water and how disinfectant byproducts build up over time: Hot tubs and swimming pools are not as clean as you may think
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    New Pool Build in MA!

    Congrats on the pool build! We also have a "destination pool" a bit away from the house and love it.
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    Inground Pool Project in MA_ pavers or stamped concrete?

    A coworker of mine is installing a pool and got a proposal for stamped concrete that has many more cuts in it than a traditional stamped install with straight cuts at regular intervals. The stamped pattern has large non-square polygon "stones" and they put cuts around each of these stones. Its...
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    Air Supply Cyclone Liner Vac/Blower

    In addition to the cyclone, what parts did you have to buy to adapt it to your skimmer or filter?
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    New Lagoon in Central MA

    Yes, it's very common to find builders burying trees and worse in the yard. If you build new keep an eye out for it! Congrats on starting your build!
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    Trouble taking deep breaths after swimming... Why?

    I think smykoski has it right. You tend to take deep breaths and hold it when swimming. It's common the first couple times swimming of the year to have sore diaphragm muscles. It shouldn't persist all season long though.
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    20'x 44'x10'd Slate Grey Black Granite liner IGP in MA

    Wow, those renderings are very cool as is the design itself. Can't wait to see this progress...
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    New Lagoon in Central MA

    Best of luck with your build! Another Central Masser here. I'll be watching your build closely. :)
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    New 24x40 mountain pond IG install in NH

    Amazing patio! Oh and the pool is nice too ;)
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    Remove attached fiberglass spa, or convert to vinyl lined?

    Wow, that looks so much better! Congrats
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    Help me settle an argument

    I can't imagine her "bather load" is worse than me after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day jumping in the pool. And plenty of "clean" people are bringing lotions and soaps on their skin with them into the water. So I really don't see full on bathing in the pool being much worse. Let her do it!
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    New build, NE Ohio area

    Any updates Amy? :)
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    Upstate NY Sharing our dig

    Love that sun ledge! Congrats on the new pool!
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    Pool Liner

    People have 40 year old+ concrete walled pools. Not so sure about steel. We went with concrete (it was similarly priced against steel and cheaper than poly walled).
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    New 24x40 mountain pond IG install in NH

    Thanks for the update. Looking good so far!
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    Finally got to use the pool!

    Looks like a good time. Gorgeous sunset photo!
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    Worried there's a leak in the winter cover - First time opening

    Update: I spoke with my PB and he explained that I likely did lose water due to displacement. We had a lot of precipitation this winter (12-18" liquid) and the water could have been pushed up high enough in the skimmer to leak into the ground. He recommended pumping the water from the cover...
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    Worried there's a leak in the winter cover - First time opening

    I've been pumping water off the solid plastic cover in preparation for opening. I noticed the water on top of the cover was 2ft+ deep in the center of the cover. Not quite as deep on the the sides. I thought the center would come up as I pumped up water. I've pumped maybe a foot off. I feel...
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    Why Sand Filtration?

    Laceygirl, You buy sand once and then don't replace it for decades.
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    Probably a stupid question....

    The only reason I can think the pump would need to be directly connected is if it required that power to retain your programming. I'm sure an owner of one will be along to chime in.
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    New L Shape pool in Georgia

    My non-expert guess is with a pool that size, you'll need to run the SWCG 4-6 hours to generate enough chlorine, so you could calculate how many GPM and what size pump you would need to turn pump 45,000 gallons within that time.
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    Southeastern Mass PB - Steel Wall Vinyl Liner

    We had that same budget, but in the end we ended up spending more. We probably could have kept it to that if we eliminated the heat pump, SWG and reduced the decking down from 850 sq ft. We didn't want to cut too many corners though. Don't forget you'll want to spend some money on patio...