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    Raypak 206A - sensor open

    Hey TFP friends, I powered on my Raypak heater after having my pool replastered. The LCD panel immediately is showing "sensor open". Before draining the pool, I removed both drain plugs, turned off the breaker, turned off the gas, and covered the heater. We had snow here in Colorado over Labor...
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    Old Aquaslide Duke slide - need deck flanges

    Add another +1 to the boneheads who installed this slide without deck flanges. It seems leg diameter is fairly standardized in the pool industry at 1.9" OD. When I measure the outer circumference with a string and do the math, the diameter of my slide legs are 2.03". Is that diameter even an...
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    Intermatic P1353ME - no power on circuit 3

    Hi friends, I bought a Circupool Core35 SWG. It's getting no power on circuit 3. I've attached a photo and a drawn wiring diagram. I used a multimeter on each circuit. #1 and #2 read 240V when the circuit is turned off. When circuits 1 or 2 are on, the voltage reads zero, which hopefully is an...