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    Do quality water bags exist?

    I'm getting sick of going to close the pool with a whole new batch of water bags and having 1/2 of them leak out of the box. I was getting them at Ocean State Joblot. This year I got them at Leslie's this year and the closures are nicer, but still half of them leaked. I'm about ready to just...
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    Dolphin active 20/Proteus-DX3 Cleaning walls?

    I was just wondering if this robot would really do a good job on the walls since it doesn't have the floaty handle thing on it? Rambling backstory.... The old aquabot turbo I got used last year seems to have died. IT runs for a few seconds then stops, guy at the pool store said its probably...
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    Aquabot Won't Climb Walls

    I got a used Aquabot Turbo T. It can't seem to climb the 90 degree walls in my shallow end, but does OK once the pool starts to slope down and the angle from the bottom to the sides decreases. The treads look pretty worn, so I think that might be the problem? I was also thinking of just...
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    Using Trichlor to Raise CYA

    You guys have done too good of a job converting me. Last year my CYA was my first year with the pool. The CYA was crazy high from the prior owners, so I did some partial refills to get it down to a manageable number and used liquid shock for all my chlorine needs last year. As such I've never...
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    Attempted Opening-Pump Won't Prime

    I tried to open my pool yesterday, and my pump won't prime. When it's turned on it looks like its starting to draw water but then then the water all drains out faster then it comes in. The pump was in a detached garage all winter, and I realized yesterday that I missed one of the drain plugs...
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    Portable Chlorine Generator

    I got an add for MSR's portable chlorine generator project today. The idea is to set up communities with the chlorine generator so they can make their own safe drinking water. I thought it was pretty cool community service pool technology mashup...
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    SKimmer Basket Stuck

    Something funky must have happened when I was vacuuming with the vac plate, and now my skimmer basket is stuck under the lip that is supposed to hold it up. ANy hints on how to get it back out without destroying it? Tips on what to use to cut it out if thats what it comes to?
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    Magnalatch rekey or replace?

    The previous owners of my house didn't leave me a key for the pool gate (or the front door, or the side door for that matter) I contacted magnalatch and they sent me replacements, but they don't work my lock. Does anyone know if its possible to get it rekeyed, or should I just replace it?
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    Another Noobie with High CYA

    I got my pool cover off and filled and checked the chemicals. My CYA is over 100... I did a dilution test and it looks like its pretty close to 200. I hate how subjective the test is, but it'll have to do. I actually checked it earlier in the year but the water was cold and I did it inside...
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    Cartwheel Pool Toy Coupons

    The cartwheel app had a 15% off coupon for spring float recliners today. Last week they had noodles. It might be worth keeping an eye on to see if they keep up with the pool toy rotation for a few more weeks.
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    Favorite Pool Toys for Grownups?

    I have to say buying a house with a pool in October is very unsatisfying. I"m jonseing to jump in, but I still have at least a month and a half before I'll be able to jump in. For now I'm occupying myself with online window shopping. Pool will primarily be used by me, my extended family, and...
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    Help Picking a new pump

    I bought my house in October and it came with a pool The pump died between when I got the house and the closing. The prior pump was a sta-rite 3/4 HP single speed pump set up for 115V. I have one skimmer and no main drain. I just looked in my garage for the return eyeballs, and it seems like...
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    Greetings from CT

    I closed on a house with a pool in October and pretty much jumped in to say I swam in it then had a local pool company close it. I'm a swimmer and former lifeguard and really looking forward to enjoying the water this summer. I'm starting to do some serious research to get ready for opening it...