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    Calcium testing

    I have tested my CH shows 0. Tested a few times. Taylor test says shoud be 250-350. I did a calculation and it says to add 438oz. Of calcium chloride. Could that be right? The pool is 4.5 MO Old. My SWCG, was set at 50%, I lowered to 40%. To move my chlorine level lower. My target for...
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    New pool getting water balanced

    Getting salt adjusted to proper levels after start up. looking to get sat to 3600. Getting closer. Pool install/ startup guy came over and decided to dump more salt in my pool. I caught him in the nick of time. It shot up over 4000. It has started to come down a bit to like 3800. Im hoping...
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    Pentair alexa skill is back!

    What commands work? Only thing I can get to check is temperature. Asked to turn on pool lights, says there is no circuit called pool lights. Tried to turn on pool feature, like waterfall. Nothing. Maybe I'm asking alexa incorrectly?
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    Pool Math calculator

    when filling out the calculator, is plaster same as pebble tech? And how do I get the 24 hour SWG chlorine output?
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    Vacuum hookup?

    I have just had presidential build a new pool for me. I had Q360 installed. But wondering IF I can hookup a robot vacuum? Do I need a special plumb for that or can I hookup in skimmer? What is best way?
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    Hot climate pool cover

    Wondering If anyone recommends using a pool cover in Arizona hot temps? Or should I just leave uncovered. I know pool cover also helps during Arizona monsoon season with dust storms.
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    How long do the test chems last?

    Over 1 year old chems due to move.
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    Slamming is done, now SWG?

    I am in the process of Slamming my Pool, But once I get to the point that the FC is good. and is drifting down to normal levels. At what point can I turn my SWG back on to maintain?
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    Swg spa. No set timer

    I have SWG portable intex bubble/jet spa. I usually turn on swg sanitation for 5 to 8 hours after soak. Question is: If I leave town for a week. Can I supplement with bromine tabs? Since I can't manually turn on swg.
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    Intex purespa setup

    I just got the intex purespa. The one with the swg. I added 4 lbs of salt it called for 4.4. Didn't want to over do. I turned the heater on last night. Temp is good now. I need to run the swg to start sanitation can I run it same time as heater? Also how many hours should I run I'm in az temp...
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    New SPA setup

    Is there a chemicla calculater for a spa, or can I use the same Pool calculator?
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    Cyanuric acid % confusion

    What is the difference between Liquid and solid? Im using the pool school calc and want to understand the % difference between the two. The solid from what i see on the canister says 100% Cyanuric acid. What does the liquid contain? FYI, I have a 4545 gallon intex vinyl, swg, shooting for...
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    above ground index sprung a leak, pinhole

    Any recommendations for vinyl pool leak? I started filling last night. Went to look around this morning and small pinhole about 5 inches from bottom, now about 2ft under water. Do I need to drain my pool now?
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    I have my TFtest TF100 kit from last year. How long do the reagents accuracy last? Do I need to replace them yearly?
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    Intex vs. TFP

    Why are intex recommendations for FC so different from TFP chem level recommendations? with SWG FC 3-5 pH 7.5-7.8 TA 60-80 CH 50-300 CYA 70-80
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    Testing SWG Salt cell

    How can I test a salt cell to verify its working properly. Looking to help a friend test their cell its a normal SWG. They have the right amont of salt for thier pool/swg manual. They run the pool filter/swg at 8 hrs a day. CYA is up at 70. FC showing 0 to .5. I currently have them adding...
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    TA too high

    My TA is too High at 190-200, I used pool calc to lower PH from 7.8 down towards 7.1. I have added the correct amount of MA per calc. PH doesnt seem to move much. Should I keep going? My PH seems stable. I thought TA acted like a buffer for PH swings? My TA is suppoed to be at 60-80.
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    CC level too high?

    After SLAMMing my pool I have been slowly lowering My SWCG run time to reduce the FC It stabilized around 9 and now Im slowly lowering it. My question is My CC was at 1 sometimes 1.5 before and during SLAM. Now Its is consistantly at .5. Its been .5 for almost 2 weeks'ish. Is that ok? The...
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    Intex skimmer

    When I first set up my intex skimmer it worked great clearing any debris from pool in about 20 Minutes. It still works great but the debris goes into the skimmer, makes its way over skimmer basket under basket and gets stuck at where the suction tube is connected. I dont know why it wont stay...
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    pool blaster max reviews?

    Anyone have any luck with the battery operated water tech Pool blaster max( battery operated)? I hate using my tiny little intex sand filter pump. Every time I vacuum I have to re-prime the self priming pump(its self priming but always needs a little help) Dont know why. I dont have any...
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    Still learning about chems FC/CYA

    Can someone explain this FC/CYA ratio diffecences? Why does CYA have to be higher and FC lower with SWG? and then, CYA lower and FC Higher with Bleach? with Bleach FC 3-7 CYA 30-50 with SWG FC 3-5 CYA 70-80
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    green pool

    So my brother came home from vacation to a green pool. this is the info he gave me. He had gone to pool store and they gave him algicide. I dont know whats in that stuff. He says his pool is no longer green but cloudy/milky, blue hue? this is week 3(im just now getting involved) Hes been using...
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    Pool calculator for Android devices?

    I did a quick search for the pool calculator yesterday. I see theres an App for Iphones. Is there any plans to get App created for Android? I'm sure many people are willing to pay $$.
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    SLAM process question

    SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain CC level is above 0.5, and the free chlorine (FC) level is zero, started to SLAM the pool. Prerequisites: You need to have a FAS-DPD chlorine test :-D You also need to know your current CYA level 60 ish, and then look up the corresponding FC shock level. :-D...
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    pool calc PH question

    So when I look at muratic acid msds %. Is it the HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS: HYDROCHLORIC ACID................................. 14 - 15% Is this what I select in the drop down in the calc: 15.7%- 10 baume?? or is this wrong.
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    Taylor DPD test question

    So I have been playing with the pool water chemistry for about a month now. I have been using the K-1000 OTo for quick testing( comes with the TF-100.) The DPD test question: my 1st time doing this type of testing so forgive my dumb question: when I add the suggested amount of powder the...
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    Where do you guys by your reagents from? Im In AZ but dont mind ordering from internet.
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    SWG not helping FC level?

    I live in Arizona. Heat is really bad now. The last couple of days my FC has dropped. went down to .5. I ran my SWG 11 hours yesterday, same reading between .5 and 1. The only thig I have added to my pool is salt and CYA, I dont want a million chems in my pool. My brother wants to throw...
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    intex swcg calcium or salt?

    anyone else have this build up problem. seems I need to soak with vinager weekly?
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    Intex relief valve

    is it possible that this little black relief valve on top of my plunger can air in leaf basket and cause pressure to drop? ( when I vacuum this seems to happen every time. Then I have to restart my pump to re-prime etc...