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    Hayward H400FD propane heater shuts off

    I have a Hayward H400FP propane heater that has not been used very often. When I turn it on the fan starts followed shortly by the propane igniting. It runs for less than a minute and then shuts off . When it shuts off it makes a noise that sounds like rocks rattling around inside the heater. I...
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    Bond Kote vs 2 Layers of Diamond Brite

    I have two estimates to refinish my pool. I've been told I have the original marcite finish over gunite. Not sure when the marcite was installed. I only know that the house was built in 1992. The two contractors disagree with regard to how the new finish of Diamond Brite will adhere to the pool...
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    In Ground Pool Cleaners

    Just moved into a house with pool using Pop up heads as cleaners. There are 9 pop ups. 5 are in the floor and 4 are on steps. Heads on steps are labeled Pool Valet which as I understand are made by Paramount. I have only seen the pop ups on the steps come up once and only one or two in the floor...
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    Snow Bird Problem

    Had an in ground pool in northwest Pa years ago that I would winterize every year and very familiar with that procedure...drain it half way, shock it, remove all the water in the lines and equipment, add antifreeze and put the winter cover on. I'm retired now and going the opposite way. Spend...
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    I have a Sharkline above ground pool 18X33 and about 15,700 galllons. I recently added a Hayward propane heater and 500 gallon tank. A few days ago I fired up the heater and raised the water temperature to 85 degrees. The water level was quite high due to some recent rain (top of the skimmer). I...
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    Stubborn Algae

    For the past two seasons I've been dealing with really stubborn algae. Its comprised of small black or dark brown spots that always seem to settle in the exact same places so much so that they have created a darkness on the liner where they settle. I am using nothing but chlorine bleach, a...
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    Propane tank size?

    Just bought a Hayward H400HDP(400,000 btu) propane pool heater. I spend winters in Central Florida where my pool is but also have a home in Northwest Pa. Apparently the propane industry is different in Florida. There are few dealers nearby and they will not provide a large tank (over 120 gallon)...
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    CYA Off the Charts !

    Began having a problem with small patches of algae in a crystal clear pool. Vacuum every day but its back the next morning. Noticed very high chlorine usage after I had been adding a gallon of bleach a day. Tested CYA and black dot does not disappear at all. Drained and refilled about 12 inches...
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    Green Swamp-Not Improving !

    Have really bad green algae. Had to leave the pool for a couple weeks and turned off the pump which is failing due to bad bearings. Fc is way up at 35. No CC's and CYA is around 60. PH 7.2. Please help I seem to be getting nowhere fast and don't know what to do. Have read pool school. Thank you !
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    Advice needed-Buying New Pump

    Had a Hayward 1 1/2 hp pump. Upon opening the pool pump would not start. Handyman cleaned out gunk and got it started but its much louder now. Probably bad bearings even though only 1 1/2 years old. Can't find anyone to replace the bearings here so just decided to buy a new pump. Should I stick...
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    New pool owner trying to figure out how I got algae in my pool. I do have the TF-100 test kit. My numbers: Chlorine 1, PH 7.2, FC 12.5, CC 3, CH 175, TA 130, CYA 0. 15,700 gallon pool, temp is 78. Does it need slamming?What should I do?
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    Leaving My Pool...What to do?

    Still confused about the correct and best course of action when leaving my above ground pool in Central Florida for 5 months. We are snowbirds and leave Florida in Early May and return in early October. We installed an 18x33 above ground pool 2 months ago. I have enough experience with pools to...
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    Hose From Solar Panel

    Just wondering if I can use a vacuum hose to bring water from my solar panels back to the pool. The reason I ask is because its a 20 foot run and the longest hose I can find is 6 ft and its a hassle to splice them. Thanks !
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    SWG pools need to be resin?

    I am thinking of a SWCG for the pool I just bought. Its a Sharkline Morada/Quest. I believe the only parts not resin are the uprights and they are coated with an anti corrosion compound. I have heard that you must have an all resin pool to use a SWCG. My internet dealer says my pool is not...
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    Pool Heating in Central Florida

    We have an above ground 18X33 pool coming soon. The pool holds about 14,000 gallons. We are snow birds and will use the pool from late August to early May. I guess my first question is whether we need a heater at all. There are some nice plus 70 degree sunny days in the "winter" here when we...
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    Pool Closing?

    We are snowbirds who live in Florida from Sept to early May then return to Pennsylvania for the summer. We just bought an above ground pool for our Florida home. My question is what do we do with the Florida pool when we leave in early May until we return in September? Summer weather in Florida...
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    Shopping for a Pool-What to order?

    Hello to all ! My wife and I are shopping for a new above ground pool. Strangely there don't appear to be many dealers in Pasco County Florida to visit and compare. As a general rule I try to buy quality. On the other hand I don't like to overpay either. There's lots of conflicting information...