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    Finally... Now a question about my skimmer cover

    We finally have the patio around the pool done. The pool is still running on the temporary electric hookup. Hopefully the permanent electrical setup will be done next week. So right now just the pump and filter are running, no heater yet. I have attached some pictures. So now I want to know...
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    New inground radiant pool filling up

    Hi, after what seems like forever, my new 12x20 oval Radiant is finally filling up with water. Though we won't be able to swim for a couple of weeks because the patio work is underway now, I will start up the pump and filter to keep the water somewhat clean while they are working. I have a...
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    New Radiant inground pools to be installed soon

    Hi, We will be having a Radiant inground pool, oval 12x20 installed soon. The pool will be delivered in about a week, and between now and then our town permits should be completed. It's been a harrowing experience dealing with the whole thing, from planning to buying the pool, to getting an...