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    Warning: gross. If you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, don’t look!

    So we change our filters out every 3 months. We get them from the spa store, I think the name is. They are supposed to be antibacterial. We are draining the tub bc we are going out of town. My husband took the filters out and he saw this. I am so grossed out. Have you ever seen this before...
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    The algae is BACK

    I cannot freakin believe it! The chlorine has not dropped - the lowest it has been was a 3 and that was for half a day! We have been keeping it at 5 or 6. I have a log where we have been testing this darn pool every day or every other day since the great algae incident of 2020. It’s all over...
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    New cell - went from 20k cell to 40k

    Hi there. So our cell wasn’t producing at 100% so we replaced it with a 40k. My husband read all the instructions, plus some from the internet. It’s like a plug and play cell - for an AquaRite system. Anyway, my question is: Should a brand-new cell have to be run at 60%? We have been...
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    Safe FC to swim and also when to start testing

    Hi. We are coming down from a slam. Right now we are at 23. Before we started The slam, our CYA was 70. (My search seems to indicate this is important) Second Q. When will we get good results on the usual tests? I know that pH has to be a a certain level to be accurate but I forgot. I am...
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    Raised beam and algae question

    When we were slamming the pool, We lost a lot of FC when we turned on our water wall. is there some rule of thumb about how often to run it? For the past 5.5 years, we have run it mostly on weekends...I don’t want the algae coming back.!
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    Starting to lose hope....

    We have been slamming now since Monday. Checking water every 3 hours. Water is clear. Filters are brand new. Pumps running 24/7. Water wall and bubblers are on to clean out those pipes. We get close and then over night we are down 4 ppm. We go several times a day where there’s no change...
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    Is the TFP pool store no longer around? I need to order

    I didn't see a link anywhere for it.
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    Difference between “swim pure” and turbo cell

    So I have been looking at SWG replacements. Figured out that we should have a T940 turbo Hayward cell per the Hayward website. However, there are these swim pure that look exactly like the turbo cell. It says “Swim Pure Plus” and is $100 more. Here is the link for both. I can’t really see a...
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    Slamming - double checking myself

    Hadn’t had to slam in a lonnnng time. I read the slam instructions. 1. Lowered pH 2. Got all debris out (there wasn’t that much) 3. Cya 70 4. Turned off SWG 5. Got pumps running 24/7 Maintaining FC shock level All good? here’s the thing. The water is/was crystal clear to begin with. I see...
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    Losing FC but...

    Our numbers are good, we had bleached our lights and the water is crystal clear. 5/31 FC was 5. Today it was 3.5. We have turned our SWG up to 50. CYA is 60 and there’s a floating sock with more in the skimmer to get up back up. I mean, I’m right, we shouldn’t be losing that much FC in...
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    pool return issues?

    I am hoping this is the right forum to post this. We seem to have a pool return issue. We figured out last year that one of them doesn’t work at all. The rest do not seem to all be working evenly. When the pump is at 2500, only a few you can see water moving. At 1875, barely anything coming...
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    When do you change out filters?

    Our filters for our pool have gone through two startups with new plaster. It will be six years in October. Is there a rule of thumb about when to change these out. The hubs has been cleaning them twice a year (or more when circulation starts to stink)
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    “Spa hardware error detected”

    Internal hardware error and do not enter. The tub was also not to temperature and would not turn on. When we turned it on and off, it came on but then said it could not determine temperature. Thermal fuse... Any idea how bad this is? Expensive? Fixable ourselves??? Now it NOT the time...
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    Pool app

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I did a search and there was another post. My app is telling me that when my pH is 7.5 and my parameter is 7.5, and I get the ! Problem thing. Is there a way to fix that? I mean, sure, I could put 7.6 but that just seems silly
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    Algae on the lights ONLY

    Our water balance is perfect and pool is crystal clear BUT both of our lights are growing algae. I have read that organics will eat the FC. Ours is stable. I have read that you must have something in the water that is contributing to this. However, is it possible to just take out the lights...
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    We need to restain our stamped concrete....

    We are having a heck of a time finding someone to restain our concrete. OMG. We tried two companies who wanted to tear up or put on top of new concrete, nicely padding the bill. How do I find someone to come out and restain/seal it? Any places to look?
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    High TA/pH for a year

    Hi, we went through a TON of acid last year. This year, I hope to get this nailed down. Also, our TA crept up. It was 130 last week. Today’s results: FC 6 CH 400 CYA 50/60 - geesh, we have 2 SOCKS in the skimmer baskets trying to get this up! pH is 7.5 (finally but not good enough for TA)...
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    Average life of SWG and filters

    Going into our sixth pool season. We haven’t changed out anything but our pump (due to flooding). How long does the cell last and the pool filters? we have a Hayward system...
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    What happened to Taptalk?

    I did a search here for it and the app and i cannot find TFP anywhere...what gives?
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    About to take the cover off...and...

    My numbers, IMO, are terrible. Hi, everyone. Happy Covidcation...:rolleyes: Numbers: FC - 6 CH 225 TA 160 (did it twice!) Ph 7.9 CYA 0 or 20 - what’s the diff - all the way to the top of the tube Salt 2200. S/b 3400 It looks like another season of fighting the high TA/Ph thing again. Sure...
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    Freakishly high CH and high TA !

    OMG. I got a 625 reading on my CH and 110 on my TA! I have NEVER EVER gotten 625 on my CH. My chems have been successfully balanced all summer long. The TA, I think I got that number once or twice in 5 years. I even had my husband retest them! Got the same results! What the heck? I bought...
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    Power failure now drive error

    Can’t get the punp To come back on. Says drive error. Flipped breaker off and on now twice. Any idea
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    no water flow from one jet

    we have NO idea how long this has been going on. Any advice on how to get water flowing to it again??? Husband tried a hose. no dice.
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    pH still high but other numbers good

    We are still having high pH. It's been a problem all pool season just about. Right now it's 8.0 All other numbers are good and have been. the TA is 60-70 - I say that bc it turned light pink and then that next drop made it darker pink. I have been told that the SWG can cause the pH to be...
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    Back from vacay - pH way over 8..again

    Good evening all. Back to the pH problem of why my pool is eating acid And one question. Husband says 8.5 FC is (a) too high to safely swim in and (b) causing our pH problems ... I turned up SWG before we left to make sure Fc didn’t fall... just dropped it today 10% Thoughts ? FC 8.5 CH 400...
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    Vacation - keeping the CL up

    I dont’ have anyone to take care of the pool. Chems are good. FC is 5. Can I bump up the CL to maybe hold it up to slowly come down like a shock? I might be able to talk a neighbor into coming over and dumping some CL in...thoughts, anyone? I don’t want to come back to a green pool. I could...
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    The Algae 2

    Hi, all. Last year I battled algae off and on. My chems were good, FC never dropped. Posted my logs. No one had any advice or idea of why. A couple months ago I got stupid and let me FC go. I slammed and I followed and reread the procedures so I am sure I did it right. However, the algae...
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    Slamming..have Qs

    Hi, experts. I started slamming due to stupidness - had cloudy water and algae. So i started 4/4. I want to know if you guys think I am ready to do the overnight test. Here are the results. A little whackadoodle but I was going off the TPT app additions of bleach and they were always more. 4/4...
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    Chems perfect = hot tub cloudy

    First the pool and now the hot tub - my goodness. The chlorine and pH are perfect....we are both at a loss on this one. Anyone have any ideas???
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    Cloudy water

    So I was stupid and the FC was zero when I tested it. I added 12% bleach. My two questions are: 1, how long till it clears up so I know 2. how long do I wait to test the level I am not used to having cloudy water. Last year my problem ALL summer was it ate acid! Seriously. Oh and my CYA was...