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    I'm so lost with this algae Crud! HELP!

    SO this is the first time owning a pool. Started out the summer doing great never having any issues with chemical levels or anything really. The water always looked so crisp and clean, very clean! So we went on a trip for 3 days and came back to strips of algae on the bottom. I started with high...
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    hayward wide mouth intex install

    Is the inlet going to have to be cut as well? I couldn't tell by looking at the parts if that requires cutting as well. Please let me know if there is anything I need to buy ahead of time and what are dos and Dont's Thanks!
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    reset Intex filter SF80110 timer

    It won't start automatically and when I push a button, I get a double beep. I can press on twice to get it on manually. Typically I research stuff like that but I have found zip, zero, nada about resetting it. There are 3 buttons, a lock/unlock button, an hour up button and a power button. I've...
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    Air in filter pump basket

    This is week 3 but every once in awhile I let out the air in pump basket well actually I just got an Intex skimmer and noticed a bit of air on top so my question, is any amount of air normal? I just adjusted the basket to go lower and let out the air but not sure how paranoid I should be about air.