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    Conversion Factor to convert 20% MA to 31.45% MA

    I need to add MA to my pool. I can only find the 20% stuff locally right now. Does anyone know the conversion factor between the 20% stuff and the 31.45%? I thought I remembered seeing it discussed on the forum in the past, but can't locate it now (as in: Anybody seen my keys, glasses, etc.)...
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    Sudden Spike in pH, TA, and CYA

    I have been preparing my pool for closing over the past 10 days. I have monitored chlorine and pH every day. I am filtering 12 hours a day, as normal. My pool temp has gone from 85 degrees down to 53 degrees today. Several nights with temps in the high 20's to low 30's have helped. Today, I...
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    Advice on how to keep garter snakes out of our heat pump?

    This summer we have a few garter snakes that have taken up residence inside the cabinet of our Hayward heat pump. They are almost always there whenever the pump isn't running becuase the cabinet is black and holds heat. There are drain holes in the base of the cabinet that allow for drainage...
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    Chlorine Drop Test Question

    I am new to chlorine testing and just beginning my Baquacil conversion this morning at 7 am. When doing the drop test, I fill my vial to the 10 ml mark. I then add 1 heaping spoon of the powder. When adding the reagent, how "pink" is the solution supposed to turn? I have been stopping at the...
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    Hayward Power-Flo LX Pump Impeller Removal Help

    Hi, I replaced the mechanical seal in my pump with a US Seal 1906 replacement seal this winter, after having twice replaced the cheap original style ones. Instructions said to hand-tighten the impeller when re-assembling. Today, when I started the pump, it just hummed; I immediately shut it...
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    Where to buy US Seal brand Pump Seals

    Looking for a source of US Seal brand pump seals. Looks like I need their part number #PS1906 or #PS3869. Any suggestions?
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    Replacing Seal in a Hayward SP1580 Pwer Flo PUMP

    I am in the middle of replacing the seal in my Hayward Power Flo 1.5 HP pump, with a kit purchased from INYO Pools. While seating the new ceramic half of the seal, I noticed that it did not bottom out on the flat surface at the base of the recess. It lacks about 1/8". I tried tapping on it...
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    Baquacil Conversion

    I was planning to do the Baquacil to liquid chlorine conversion this spring. Now I'm concerned about hoarders grabbing all the chlorine, enough so that it will be impossible to find by mid-summer (or sooner.) I really don't want to put up with the Baq issues for another season. Make the leap...
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    Recommend a Cartridge Filter System for my 24' x 52" round AGP, 13,000 gal.

    I currently have a Hayward no-frills basic sand filter system which came with the pool. Last fall the filter began spraying a fine mist of water from the multi-port filter valve/vessel connection. I took it apart and replaced the O-ring. It was still leaking upon replacement, but used it for the...
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    Leak Between the Multi-Port and the Sand Filter

    I've attempted to fix a leak at the gasket between my Hayward Vari-Flo XL valve and my Hayward S190TS High Rate sand filter. In removing the old gasket (which was replaced this spring when I deep cleaned the filter,) it was still in very good shape-no nicks, cracks, flat spots, etc. It is the...
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    Help With Greenhead Fly Control Around Our Pool

    HELP!!! We have been overwhelmed by aggressive, biting greenhead flies this year. This is our 4th summer with our pool, and we've never had anything like this. I'm guessing it may be related to the very wet fall and summer last year, as well as a terribly wet spring and early summer this...
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    Need to Raise PH from 7.0 to 7.5

    I have a 12,500 gallon pool. I need to raise the pH from 7.0 to 7.5. I am planning to use 20 mule team borax to accomplish this. How do I figure how much I need to add? Also, dissolve it in water first, or just add to the water in dry form?
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    Help with replacing sand in filter

    This is my first sand replacement attempt. I emptied and discarded old sand. Pulled out the laterals/tube assembly and carefully checked for any breaks or cracks, then cleaned everything. All was ok. Just completed refilling the filter with 175 lbs. of new sand, VERY carefully scooped in with a...
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    Relocating My Equipment Pad

    When the pool company installed our pool, they set the plastic unit that holds the pump and filter directly onto the ground. It needs to be set on pavers, as it has become somewhat unlevel after a couple years' use. I will need to empty some sand to be able to pick the filter up to move it...
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    Weight of Snow/Slush on a Covered AG pool

    How much snow/slush can a covered 24' AG pool safely withstand? The cover (with pillow) is attached with the standard steel cable/winch. The water level was dropped to 5" below the skimmer when closing the pool. Recently, our temps in northern PA have been in the zero to -15 F. range. Over the...
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    OK to use 20 Mule Team Borax toRaise PH in a Baquacil pool? (chlorine allergies)

    We have grandkids with chlorine allergies, thus the Baquacil. Is it ok to use 20 Mule Team to raise PH in a Baquacil pool?