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  1. Prickly

    Help! Pipes and equipment might freeze

    I am finally closing my pool after giving up on a safety cover and buying a tarp. My pool builder was supposed to close it today so I drained the water down. Well, he no showed and isn't responding. I suppose I should have expected this given my past experience with them. It is supposed to get...
  2. Prickly

    Closing below freezing

    This year will be my first close. I am waiting on a winter cover that will like arrive in early November. I live in Canada, and it is likely going to be around-5 Celsius when I close. I have a gas heater so I can keep that on intermittently to prevent it from freezing, but I'm concerned that...
  3. Prickly

    Winter safety cover sizing

    I have had an impossible time getting a custom winter cover. Apparently pool companies around here are too busy to want my business. Ive been trying to get one since August and it is time to close as I'm in Canada. My fiberglass pool measures 11' 8" x 22' 2". The smallest stock winter cover is...
  4. Prickly

    Another bonding question

    I had some issues with improper bonding work done by my electrician. They tell me that they have rectified all issues and passed the electrical inspection (the inspector didn't come out but they sent pictures to him). I just noticed that my bonding wire is connected to my pump with a zip tie and...
  5. Prickly

    Co2 Injection

    I'm considering a CO2 injection system to control my pH as I'm finding I'm adding acid quite frequently. I'm wondering if anyone can share their experience with it? I was looking at the Hayward one but I'm open to other options
  6. Prickly

    Cutting out concrete

    Hi everyone, my bonding nightmare continues and the inspector has confirmed we have to cut into the concrete to find the bonding wire and attach to it. I know where it is so I'm hoping to cut a small piece on the edge of the concrete about 4 inches by 4 inches. I've attached a pic of what it...
  7. Prickly

    Rust in concrete saw cuts

    Hi everyone, My concrete deck was poured about a month ago. They did saw cuts in it and it looks like they must have hit some rebar in one of the cuts that went too deep. I can see rust forming in the cut now. Is there something i should do to prevent the rust from spreading? I was thinking a...
  8. Prickly


    Hi everyone, I am new to this group and this is my first post. I just had a fiberglass pool installed. I live in Canada and contacted the provincial electrical safety inspector to enquire about bonding the metal fence that will surround my pool when I discovered that my electrician didn't...