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  1. ktdave

    Happy Birthday to Maveri9720!

    Hope you've had a GREAT day! :goodjob:
  2. ktdave

    Poolidiot - Happy Birthday to you............ live in a pool, you look like a (sea) monkey, SWIM like one to!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!
  3. ktdave

    Happy Birthday Meatloaf!

    Have a great day! :goodjob: :wave: (do you like to "eat" meatloaf, or are a a Meatloaf fan?)
  4. ktdave

    Posting Links

    It appears that the posting of links buttons has changed from the old "way". For instance, you used to could post an URL as simple text (with a link) rather than show the entire web page URL, by substituting the URL for text. That option seems to have disappeared in the transition. Is there a...
  5. ktdave

    Happy Birthday ivyleager!

    Hope you have a GREAT birthday!
  6. ktdave

    preventing rust

    Below is an image of the float valve assembly in my autofill. As you can see, rust is beginning to form at the joint of the float arm and the valve. This happens to be my second assembly installed since my pool was built in July of last year. This particular one was installed only three weeks...
  7. ktdave

    Pool water and bird poop

    I took a quick look at the pool today and noticed that a bunch of birds had a "poop" party on a power line that runs above my pool. From what I could tell, there must have been at least 20-30 "droppings" floating on the surface and sitting on the bottom of my pool :shock: . I haven't had the...
  8. ktdave

    Hurray, the Home Page is back to normal!

    I wasn't going to say anything (i.e. "whine"), but I did miss some of the features the "old" home page offered. I was just going to go my merry way and "deal". Thanks for the effort! :goodjob:
  9. ktdave

    Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings

    From KTdave, Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Yes, that's my snazzy new TFP t-shirt, available at a TFP store near you (or just right here on the website). Santa hat not included :lol:
  10. ktdave

    Katy Tigers going to the TX HS Football Championship

    Katy Tigers (15-0) vs Pflugerville Panthers (12-3) My daughter marches in the band so we'll be going to the Alamodome in San Antonio on Saturday to watch. What an exciting football season! I believe we have some TFP members that are Pflugerville area natives. I hope you're able to attend if...
  11. ktdave

    Geminid meteor shower peaks tonight December 14

    Unfortunately, it's going to be overcast here in the Houston area, but if you're in an area with clear skies tonight, it might be worth checking out. It's supposed to be the best meteor shower of the year. Info Here
  12. ktdave

    Cleaning SWG cell with acid solution

    I have an Intellichlor SWG and the "clean cell" light is flashing. I looked in the instruction manual and it says: "Place the cell vertically in a five gallon bucket. Pour the acid solution (1 part acid:4 parts water) into the cell until the blades are just covered. Allow the acid solution to...
  13. ktdave

    Pool Pump Flow-Meter Installation

    I just installed a flow-meter to gauge the flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM) of my pump/filter system. I purchased a Blue-White flow-meter, model # F302 PR for a horizontal run of pipe (2"). I purchased it from HERE. I needed to install it on a 28" straight run of pipe to have accurate...
  14. ktdave

    First Time Cleaning Cartridge Filter

    I didn't need to (no pressure increase), but I was just curious of the process of cleaning my filter cartridges. I have a Pentair Clean & Clear Plus, 420 sq. ft. filter. I was able to disassemble and clean the cartridges no problem. I thought I had reassembled adequately even putting silicone...
  15. ktdave

    Price of water

    I noticed the month when I filled my new pool (11,000 gal) with water that my water bill was only $58, which is about 110% more than usual (got a discount on sewer usage). I've seen others on here with way much more expensive water, so I was a bit shocked (in the good way) at the low cost of my...
  16. ktdave

    Check-valve between heater and SWG

    I my Intellichlor manual, it recommends having a check valve between the input side of the IntelliChlor cell and the heater output pipe to prevent high concentrations of chlorine entering the heater when the pump shuts off. There is a similar recommendation in my MasterTemp heater manual. My PB...
  17. ktdave

    Testing strength of liquid chlorine

    The stoichiometry of this is hurting my brain. I've got some 10% (originally) liquid chlorine in the garage that I'd like to know the "current" strength of. I've seen how to test this on here somewhere before, but I can't find it. TIA
  18. ktdave TFP's sister site

    Come on guys and gals, I know there's more of you out there that can benefit from and add value to TFP's new sister site: Grill With Skill. There's already a bunch of recipes that are just waiting to be fired up on your grill. Come check it out :-D !
  19. ktdave

    Today is my last birthday before I turn forty

    Guess I better enjoy it :lol: What am I doing here at work :roll:
  20. ktdave

    You wanna know how I won?

    Just in case your're interested. No software, etc. About mid afternoon today, I was going to try and sync my watch with the TFP time (in the forum index). I noticed that the TFP clock was very close to the "national standard whatever time from Denver (the time that those "atomic clocks" sync...
  21. ktdave

    Cloudiness and pH

    Can a pH of 7.9 cause the pool water to all of a sudden become cloudy (slightly)? I accidently forgot to put acid in the pool last night and today the water is dull and a bit cloudy for the first time ever. This is the highest pH I have recorded. My numbers from TF100: FC 3.5 CC 0 pH 7.9...
  22. ktdave

    Another newbie to solar covers - Couple of ?s

    Cutting the solar cover to fit my pool appears straighforward enough. Are there any things to consider as I do this; i.e technique, scissors vs utility knife, cut it slightly bigger or smaller than actual pool size, etc? After paying a few $$$$ for a new cover, I want to make sure I do it...
  23. ktdave

    Ktdave's finally showing off the petite oasis.

    Well, I finally got around to taking some pictures of the completed pool to post here. There still is some landscaping and other odds and ends left to do (isn't there always :whip: ), but we sure are enjoying the heck out of it. :cheers:
  24. ktdave

    AquaChek Salt Test Strips

    Just want to be sure here (take a look at pic). Do I read this as 5.6 (3890 ppm salt) at the apex of the light color?
  25. ktdave

    Pool Safety Advice

    I would like to get any advice on safe practices, tools, products that you veterans use on a regular basis. Recently, we had a wake-up call. While my wife and 2 yr oldwere at the pool, the 2 yr old fell in the deep end (doesn't swim yet). She was flailing about with her head just below the water...
  26. ktdave

    SWG Start-up Observations

    I fired up my SWG (Pentair Intellichlor IC-20) for the first time yesterday and noticed that while it was running, bubbles were effervescing out of all the returns. I know this has been discussed here in the past, but I was under the impression that these bubbles were supposedly so small that...
  27. ktdave

    Basic BBB in a nutshell

    This explains BBB concisely Thanks CarlD
  28. ktdave

    Global Announcements

    Is it my imagination, or did all of those global annoucements just appear today or have they always been there and I just now noticed? Also, to me it seemed to happen when there was a new forum put up by Sean called "pool news" and then it disappeared...........wait a minute, did I forget to...
  29. ktdave

    JSPSI Articles

    I may be biting off more than I can chew here, but does anyone know where I might find the full articles from the Journal of Swimming Pool and Spa Industry. I have found the abstracts to most of the articles HERE and found them very interesting, although most were on the cusp of being over my...
  30. ktdave

    Main drains - How do they work?

    In my pool, I have 2 skimmers, one of which (nearest to the pump) the dual main drain is connected to. In the bottom of this skimmer there are 2 holes, one with suction going to the pump, the other (no detectable pressure/suction) coming from the drain. I just don't see how any circulation is...