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  1. JayRi

    HELP..... How do I clean the sand off my new deck

    We just had out travertine installed. But now there is still a bunch of loose sand and it is constantly brought into the house. Is there some trick to get this cleaned up?
  2. JayRi

    Pressure test - Is this okay?

    They ran plumbing for my pool on Friday. They left the system pressurized at 50 psi. Today is Monday and I am looking at it holding at 46 psi now. Is this okay? Should I bring it up to the builder? It’s supposed to get inspected tomorrow. I
  3. JayRi

    Thinking of getting a Heater/Chiller combo

    We have signed the contract and are waiting to start the pool build. The only thing I left out was the heater. We were unsure if we wanted it so we are having it prepped for one. Electric will be done and ready to add the heater if we decide on it. I'm still not sure if we will want it but I am...
  4. JayRi

    New construction, Southern Tampa area

    Hey guys, looking for your input. I've read a bunch and learned a lot from this site. Finally pulling the trigger on this pool. We've met with a bunch of builders in the last few months. Nothing is signed yet, I plan on getting the contract today and taking a few days to look everything over...
  5. JayRi

    First time Pool

    First of all thanks to you guys, I have googled so many questions and always seem to end up on this site. We are getting ready to have our first pool built. I have some questions and will be posting soon. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the people who have answered questions on here...