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    Slamming, CC, Break Through Chlorination, is this an issue with the TFP Slamming method?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to put out a story of my pool troubles, how I solved them, and ask some questions. A short time ago I got sloppy with my pool maintenance and the FC went to zero with a rainstorm. This resulted in clouding water that was very hard to correct. I started slamming the pool...
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    After two weeks of SLAMing pool I'm frustrated and disheartened, am I on the right path?

    Hi all! Since June I've been fighting recurrent green algae growth. About to weeks ago I found the SLAM method and thought I'd give it a try. As the subject says I've been SLAMing for 2 weeks now but I can't pass an overnight FC loss test, for example last night I lost 10 ppm of FC. On top...
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    Greetings from AZ!

    Good day everyone! I'm a newbie here so just wanted to say high. My AZ based 10k pool with new pebble installed last spring is driving me nuts this summer and I came upon TFP. I hope you guys can help me get my sanity back and enjoy my pool. Questions to come!