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  1. JVTrain

    New liner!

    Well after a couple years of band-aids on the aging liner, we're finally putting in a new liner this spring. There's been some hiccups with the install via the local pool guys but hoping they stand behind the liner, despite my concerns with the fit of the liner. Anyway... old-timer dipping my...
  2. JVTrain

    New Build - North Dakota hoping to extend pool season - experience and advice needed!

    To link the thread, go to the thread, copy the entire URL then paste into your post. This is the thread I believe you are referring to. Need to size the proper heater In that specific thread and any pool in a climate like Wisconsin or North Dakota, it would be pretty difficult to keep the pool...
  3. JVTrain

    Winterizing advice

    As long as you drain below the skimmer/outlets/inlets and drain all the equipment, you could leave it up. You're better off leaving it up with some water in the pool rather than completely draining it. Water will keep it in place, stop it from being shifted, etc and freezing shouldn't damage it...
  4. JVTrain

    New Build - North Dakota hoping to extend pool season - experience and advice needed!

    Glad you're enjoying the forum! Here is a thread that talks a little about what you're looking for at least towards the end of the build/remodel. Over my head in Wisconsin Haven't heard from the author much recently, but maybe they would respond to a nice PM, especially if they have email...
  5. JVTrain

    Getting Ready to Close Pool - Do not want to repeat last year - Need Help!

    You need to have some CYA in the pool in order to buffer the strength of chlorine and to protect it from sunlight. I would get the appropriate amount of CYA dissolving to target 30 ppm as soon as you can. Probably quite a bit of CYA in your size pool. Use Pool Math to determine how much to add...
  6. JVTrain

    The concept of closing an in ground swimming pool

    Re: The concept of closing an inground swimming pool While blowing out the lines, open the drain valve on your heater. It should spit water. Keep the valve open until it stops spitting water. Then close the valve and open it again, make sure it's fully blown out, then you can leave it open or...
  7. JVTrain

    The concept of closing an in ground swimming pool

    Re: The concept of closing an inground swimming pool It varies wildly from pool to pool. Some pools are easily blown out with a shop vac. Some can be done with a compressor alone as well. Typically it's the main drain that may require more pressure/flow to blow out properly. I use a...
  8. JVTrain

    Sand Filter Question

    That size sand filter is a bit undersized for the pool and may be marginally undersized for the pump. Have to check flow rates of the pump and recommendations for the filter. Over sized pumps and undersized filters are extremely common with builders, at least when it comes to sand filters from...
  9. JVTrain

    First Time Pool Owner

    That's awesome. Better pump than you had imo. Sent from mobile device. Beware of brevity and grammar errors!
  10. JVTrain

    Sand Filter Question

    Sand filters do take a lot longer to clear a pool of cloudiness that a DE or cartridge filter. They just don't filter as fine of particles. Adding DE certainly helps them out in this case. I'd keep doing the DE after each backwash to help speed things along. They should not have the exact same...
  11. JVTrain

    First Time Pool Owner

    Gotcha. Always have to consider what's practical and possible. Depending on your electric rates, VS pumps may or may not pay for themselves over time. 2-speed pumps are a decent alternative that increase the cost by less and make the cost increase more viable to cover over the life of the pump...
  12. JVTrain

    First Time Pool Owner

    Well at least you know! Considering a 2-speed upgrade at all?
  13. JVTrain

    First Time Pool Owner

    I would say yes to replacement. That's a good run for an AZ pump. The wet end is likely ok to only replace the motor to save a little but a complete pump would be nice too. Sent from mobile device. Beware of brevity and grammar errors!
  14. JVTrain

    First Time Pool Owner

    Try to be close to the pump when you switch it on. Place your hand on the side to feel for vibration. If you don't feel or hear vibration, the pump motor itself could be burned out. Best bet then is to remove the pump and get a replacement motor installed. If there is a machine shop that...
  15. JVTrain

    First Time Pool Owner

    Make sure you turn off any breakers associated with the pump and turn them back on, if you haven't already. Are there any timers or GFCI outlets on the same circuit? Check those as well. A multimeter on the pump terminals to verify voltage is helpful. Normally if you hear humming or feel any...
  16. JVTrain

    First Time Pool Owner

    Do you hear any clicking sounds, humming or any noise at all when you turn the pump on?
  17. JVTrain

    Bring sand pump inside for Winter

    The skimmer cover is used if you don't want to drain the pool below the skimmer. Sometimes this is necessary such as when there is an autocover and the cover should rest on the pool water over the winter. There are many levels to close at, depending on the type of pool, the height of skimmers...
  18. JVTrain

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Slowing down for us as well. Kids will be back at school soon. May throw on the heater for this weekend to get a last swim in on the pool, if the weather cooperates. Then it's time to start thinking about clean up and maximizing how fast I can get the pool below 60 into mid-September.
  19. JVTrain

    Does having a darker color vinyl liner help keep your water warmer?

    When not using a cover, yes, a darker liner cover can help your pool gain more heat due to sunlight. Not nearly as much effect as using a solar cover or autocover at night but it would help some. Exactly how much would depend on many factors (direct sunlight hours, exact color, pool depths, etc.).
  20. JVTrain

    First year owner, mustard algae, I'm a convert to the TFPC

    Yep. That'd be the way to go. Only need to fill enough for the SLAM to make sure your skimmers can run, 2 inches or so above the bottom of the opening. Then not so much to drain after. The bonus of doing the SLAM right before closing is that, FC losses will be less due to less sunlight, lower...
  21. JVTrain

    First year owner, mustard algae, I'm a convert to the TFPC

    Because the meaningful swimming season is nearly over for us in the northern climes, I'd suggest limping along with suspect water (a couple weeks?) and maintaining a high FC until you're ready to close, or a several weeks before you close. Knowing how long you want to stay open would possibly...
  22. JVTrain

    First year owner, mustard algae, I'm a convert to the TFPC

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: I would drain as much as you can in a single drain before closing, even now if you think your swimming season is about done. Leave only 1 foot of water in the shallowest part of the pool as the maximum you can do at one time. In order to reach a manageable CYA level from...
  23. JVTrain

    The concept of closing an in ground swimming pool

    Re: The concept of closing an inground swimming pool :goodpost::bump:
  24. JVTrain

    Need info on cover reel

    My Rockys has been going strong for last 3 years. Think one of my kids "accidentally" stood on or put weight on the tube this weekend as it seems to be bobbing up and down a little bit when rolling on/off the cover now but still works well.
  25. JVTrain

    Pentair wall fitting came apart. What type of glue does it need?

    If the fittings still slip together with some minor resistance then PVC primer/glue will work.
  26. JVTrain

    Observations after upgrading my basic robot to a 'fancy' model

    Thanks for sharing. It's always a tough choice when getting a robot. Especially when attempting to compare models and features.
  27. JVTrain

    Slamming bromine/chlorine pool

    Indoor pools can be problematic for CC as they don't get much UV sunlight. UV light helps break down CC species in the water and without it, some can be persistent. If you want to try to reduce the CC, you can try using some monopersulfate shock (MPS). MPS is better at breaking down CCs than...
  28. JVTrain

    Pool Care While away for a few months

    Sounds like a bunch of snake oil garbage. That's not the one you want to choose. With an SWG and a fairly small pool, the upkeep on their pool should be fairly minimal. Really, you just want someone who knows enough not to screw it up by using powdered shocks and potions.
  29. JVTrain

    Rising PH

    Welcome to TFP! :wave: pH rise is caused by carbon dioxide outgassing from your pool water. Aeration increases the rate of outgassing. Higher TA levels increase the rate of outgassing when aeration is present. Outgassing of carbon dioxide is faster at lower pH levels. SWG systems inherently...
  30. JVTrain

    Automated (liquid) chlorine doser for 330 gallon spa + foaming issue

    1 - another good option rather than attempting to set up a liquid chlorine dosing system is to purchase a salt water chlorine generator designed for spas and hot tubs. I'm not sure what will be available to you in The Netherlands but there are several options of SWG units that simply drop into...