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  1. Yaeugd

    has anyone used this aqua Multidirectional Bungee Blowout Plug?

    I been thinking about getting some duck fitting for use next year. To help blowing out the lines and I discovered these also. Anyone use these or familiar with them. Aqua Group BP15 Multidirectional Bungee Blowout Plug : Aqua Group BP15 Multidirectional Bungee Blowout Plug : Garden...
  2. Yaeugd

    Pvc glue recommendations

    I want to redo some things at the end of the seasonAny specific glue or primer recommended to re do some plumbing and unions?
  3. Yaeugd

    Water aeration question

    I been at it for 3 days. My Ta is high been reducing it with acid. But also need to bring my ph up. Pointed my jets up, turned on deck jets. Made a sprinkler Type of adapter for one of my jets. Been running my pool at high for for a few hours and at 2500 rpms for the rest of the time However...
  4. Yaeugd

    Green algae after shocking pool

    I have been having some stubborn algae spots this season. I brush the pool regularly and especially in those areas. I shock the pool regularly, started to use Algaecide, have ideal numbers for the pool and still get green algae a day or two after shocking the pool. It’s mostly patches in...
  5. Yaeugd

    Hose adapter to fit Hayward De filter drain plug opening?

    Has anyone ever cobbled together something for when rinsing off the de filter I wonder if they sell a hose attachment that would screw into the drain plug of a hayward DE filter? I think it’s 1.5 inches the screw in plug? Wonder if I can use this for it?
  6. Yaeugd

    Jandy jxi heater question

    Yesterday I was heating my pool getting it ready for today and I turned off the pump to clean out the basket and heard a weird screeching sound coming from the connections of the heater does anyone have a Jandy 440,000 BTU heater and has experience this also I know this heater comes with an...
  7. Yaeugd

    Bottom returns don’t have the same pressure?

    I have a newer pool without a main drain instead I have bottom returns to help circulate air. This season I noticed that the pressure coming out of them is less. This is concerning because it usually helps circulate the warm water when the Heater is on. I noticed it also when I cleaning the...
  8. Yaeugd

    Pentair 3 way valve parts

    This season I realize I should stick up on parts. I believe I have the 2” slip the bottoms are grey. Anyone know we’re I can buy the actuators and O-rings at a decent rate. Check on amazon and prices are all over the place. I read jandy, pentair and hayward are interchangeable.
  9. Yaeugd

    Multiport connection to DE filter leak

    Opened the pool myself two days ago. Noticed that the bottom connection to the filter was leaking. I put the O-rings good. Lubricated them made the connection still leaking. I packed with teflon tape in the join t and around and screws it together. Went away but noticed it’s dripping again...
  10. Yaeugd

    Blowing out bottom returns question

    This is my first time blowing out my pool. Everything went easy with a 6.5 hp shop vac except the bottom returns. My equipment is below the pool and when blowing out the lines I have some water come back at me. I can’t poor in antifreeze or don’t know if I blew it past the frost line. I have...
  11. Yaeugd

    Hayward multi port won’t open?

    Just opened my pool. I still don’t have pavers so there was a lot of dirt and sand in the pool ,The company put together the equipment. I was about to vacuum pool in waste when the multi port would not turn. So I tried to open it up as I did in the past and it won’t come apart? All the screws...
  12. Yaeugd

    Question about evaporation in cooler weather

    I live In long Island NY and we finished installing a new pool in August. I been keeping up with the day to day maintenance and noticed that the water level over the last 2 weeks going down every week. we haven't used the pool in a week, Last Sunday on 9/30 I filled up the pool about a hours...