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    WIres on Phone Jack for SWG Aquarite

    So my flow switch quite working. I bought a generic and it works but the swtich gets stuck a lot. Anyway, my question is I would like to see if the old one just had an issue with the phone jack part. I t just has a black and red wire Can I clip off the phone jack end and then spice a new...
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    Pool Salt Level

    How much should a 40lb bag of salt raise the Salt Level on a 17,500 gallon pool I only went from 2600 to 2800. Is that right? thanks GTP
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    Blue Essence SWG issue

    Hello All, I can not get the solid red flow to move off that setting. What direction should the flow meter arrow be? Should it flow in direction from pump to the filter or vice versa. I dont think it is the flow meter as all seems good there but i may have to get a new one to troubleshoot...
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    Pool Filter Straps

    I have a tall canister filter type, and the bands are starting to break, can you use rubber bands or maybe even hair ties to keep the it together? thanks GTP
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    South Florida and High PH

    I put in about a cup of Muritaic Acid to lower PH in my pool every few days. Does this seem like overkill and do I have another issue going on, or is this about right for a Sought FLorida Pool. I do have bubbler and water fall but rarely use them
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    Skimmer Sucked a Mens Sock Down In It

    I am not proud of this but tonight i dropped a mens regualr size sock (that was about 1/4 full of some stabilizer) into the skimmer and my basket was sucked the sock right down. I hurried and turned the pump off, what do you think i should do? I am hoping it can make it all the way...
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    Waterfallls Stopped Working

    I cant seem to get my waterfalls to produce flow anymore. I do get small trickles of water but not the waterfall effect. Also my vacuum pool cleaner is not having enough juice to move as well. I feel like this is pressure loss somewhere but can not figure this out. I do not appear to be losing...
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    New Cell Review and Issue

    I had to replace my blue essence T-15 Cell. I got this one after looking at reserach on this forum. PoolSupplyWorld Generic T-Cell 15 Replacement Salt Cell with 15 Foot Cable Store was good, price is right and it appears to have no problem making chlorine. The issue is it does not read salt...
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    Volts and Amp Question for SWG

    Hello TFPers So how does this work, should the SWG read 0.0 Amps when not producing. I ask because I just replaced my SWG and it reads 25.5 Volts but the Amps read 6.5 down to 6.0 for a while, but when i come back later the Amps read 0.0 I am running above normal chlorine levels (i put a bit...
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    Salt Cell is Dead

    Hello all, so after 2 1/2 years my salt cell is dead. I was running at 90% for the last month so maybe I fried it. Not sure. I have cleaned it even thought it had very little buildup on it, but it has no amperage so it is dead. My question is, while I wait to get a new one, should i just put...
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    Zodiac G3 Stopped Working

    I have checked all the hoses for clogging and all clear there. It is weird the Zodiac Shakes like it is working when bring off the bottom of the pool, but when the Zodiac hits the bottom of the floor, it stops shaking/sucking and so no cleaning and it does not move. Any ideas? thanks
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    Very minor green alage in corners of pool

    What do you all suggest to fix this from time to time. I have just been scrubbing with a brush, but should i treat with a chemcial as well to do a better job. thanks GTP
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    HOw Long Can Filter Last

    With monthly cleaning and all, realiistically, how long can a filter last. im thinking i can get 18 months out of it? I have a Hayward C200 S Filter. thanks GTP
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    2 Underwater LED Lights and Lighting

    So we had a good lighting strike near my house in south Florida and now my (2) underwater LED lights dont work. Not sure if this was the cause as I had not run the lights for a long time. I have A GFCI at the electric panel that was NOT tripped. I tried to re set the breakerto the lights...
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    How to test if your Flow Switch is bad

    WE have had a ton of rain here in Florida. So I have been battling with salt water levels. But now i think i got it but My flow switch does not seem to be working now. When my pump shuts off, it still says I am generating Chlorine. I dont think my flow switch is working but is there a way to...
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    Losing Water at Pump Basket

    Hello All, been a while since i posted. I couldn't get pump to prime today was taking a while, so I came here and searched and of course came up with some good advice and got her going. I have a bigger issue i think. I cant seem to keep water in the pump basket area and it just drains down to...
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    PH a color I have not seen before

    Hello All, winter in full effect here in South Florida (lots of day time highs in high 60,s!!!) Just a question my PH test balance shows a color i have never really seen before. a Dark almost burnt orange (similar to the 7.2 color on my scale but much darker) Am i doing something wrong. I...
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    No Flow Line REd indicator light

    My red light would always be on when the pump was off. As soon as pump started and i had flow it would kick off. Now the red light is never on, even when the pump is off. I know it is not a burnt out light by turning off breaker. It works Any ideas what has caused this? thanks GTP
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    Filter PSI is at O

    My pool is clean all seems to be good, I clean my filters out at least once a month. I just noticed that the PSI is at 0 on my filter gauge. I think it has always been there but not sure, it is now. I also notice sometimes in my pump skimmer basket i dont always have water all the way to the...
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    Anyway to keep PH Down

    Thanks to TFP, I think I got this chemistry thing down. But always having to add Muritac Acid weekly to keep PH Down. I dont really run waterfalls or bubblers to try and keep it down but it always climbs to 8.2 to 8.4 Any advice. My numbers below are pretty consisitne with my test (I do...
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    T 15 giving me inaccurate readings

    I have a blue essence (aqua rite) T15 and it is continually giving me inaccurate readings. It is always about 600 ppm lower than what i acutally have of salt with my test kit readings. So now I have 3100 on the test kit and the Aqua Rite is telling me 2500. And since it is 2500 I am getting...
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    Blue Essence SWG ? (similar to Aqua Rite)

    I have a T-15 CEll but my diagnostics is showing the cell at a T-9. How do i change this to T-15. I think you have to do something with the switch just below the diagnostic button
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    SWG level at 3600

    So it is brand new and the system was running at this level for a while. Didn't think to bad as soon as I got some rain it would go down. But i have added about 3 lbs of stabilizer and I am now at 3900. I have started to add some water to the pool but still at 3900.....Any ideas on how bad...
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    Cleaning Hayward C200 S for first time

    Should i drain water and clean all of the stabilizer and sand (and some minor dirt) out of the bottom of the filter. OR should i leave it in. I am low on Stabilizer but i have bought new but thinking i maybe she keep that in? Also the drain plug is very there a special tool to get...
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    How to work a pool cleaner on dedicated vacumn line

    I just got a Barracuda G3 and cant seem to get enought vacumn power to run it. My dedicated vac line is tied to the main drain line. Do i cut off the main drain? But when i do this i lose water in the viewing glass of the pump (i assume i hav some air in there) Do i keep the skimmer line...
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    NEw Pool is 30 days old and the SWG just was added

    SO I know there are new parameters for my water and I have all the test kits. My question is do I go directly now to measure what you need for a saltwater pool, or is there a transition period. My pool guy put in 6 bags of salt to start me off and the SWG is reading 2800 since he put it in and...
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    Having Trouble keeping CL and Lowering PH

    New Pool about a month old getting ready to transfer over to my salt system soon. To big issues are i cant seem to keep CL in pool and the PH is always high even after muriatic acid is added. Here is some histroy on my Readings: FC CC TC PH TA CH CYA .02...
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    Test Results of K-1000 vs TF 100

    So I tested Cl using the K-1000 test and it looks like the yellow match is what equates to 5 CL (maybe 6 as it doesnt go that high) But with the TF 100 test using the R-0870 powder it came out to 11.5 Cl. why is this so differnt? thanks - - - Updated - - - Also with the 11.5 Cl test I only...
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    NEw Pool just cant seem to keep chrlone in it

    I am continually having to put chorline in this pool. Like a jug every 3 days. PH runs high as well and never comes down from 8.4 even with muraitc acid added. I dont run my waterfalls much at all. My contractor is going to add stabilizer but he is in no rush. Im adding salt in about a week...
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    Skimmer sucking in a lot of water

    IS this normal...i walked by and I could hear it just sucking a ton of water into it. The water level is lower now with no rain in awhile. So im thinking i may need to add some water. Is this a normal thing to have the skimmer have the door completely open and just sucking a ton of water. It...