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  1. mkmscr

    3” tablets (just chlorine)

    Do they make a tablet that distributes chlorine only and not stabilizer too? I don’t want CYA being increased while I temporarily need to float some tablets while my SWG is being repaired. Cheers
  2. mkmscr

    Jandy PureLink/AquaLink Panel Screen Dead

    Hey folks, My power went out tonight and my panel screen went dead. The display went out. I can’t see the SWG percentage or other indicators. The relays are turning on and off but I believe because the control board might be dead it’s not signaling the pumps to turn on. Getting all the right...
  3. mkmscr

    Dolphin Vac always gets stuck

    My Dolphin Activ 30 pool vac always beaches itself on the drain caps in the deep end. So it sits there and spins it’s treads with nowhere to go. The drain caps are pretty low profile as it is so I’m not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions besides get another pool vac and hope it does not...
  4. mkmscr

    PH Levels (again)

    Hey folks, I have several water features in my pool and I don’t run them for many hours during the day but I’m sure that’s always moving my PH levels up quickly. I know about borates but I’m hesitant to use them now that I have a dog in the pool FREQUENTLY. I don’t know if I’ve found a...
  5. mkmscr

    Muriatic Acid Delivery

    Hey folks, Trying to avoid hitting Lowe’s up for some muriatic acid and I’m wondering if anyone found any on Amazon or somewhere else that’s an effective substitute? I know you can by varying concentration levels. I usually buy 31.45 20 when I can, but I don’t mind if it’s weaker. Just curious...
  6. mkmscr

    Flea like bugs collecting on pool water surface

    I’ve noticed what at first seems to be dirt floating on the water after a bad rain storm or wind storm but when I got closer it looked like thousands of little flea like bugs. All my chems are spot on. I realize we aren’t swimming with the pool water being around 50 degrees. The pool runs about...
  7. mkmscr

    Thoughts on CSI and FC

    Curious, TFP pool app is suggesting my CSI is setting conditions for corrosion to begin with a CSI at -0.6 is that correct? My PH is about 7.6 and my TA is about 65. CH is a little low at 250. I understand PH can help adjust CSI but I generally don’t go much higher. Thoughts or am I okay...
  8. mkmscr

    IG Negative Edge Closing

    Living in North Carolina most people leave their pools open year round as I understand it. I have two water features I’m a little concerned with 1) is a 3’ sheet descent. 2) is a 12’ negative (infinity) edge that spills over into a smaller pool. The PB told me to keep them on their normal...
  9. mkmscr

    Chlorine Reducer

    A service tech has been servicing my pool for the last few weeks since it’s a new pool. They want to own the chems for the first 30 days while it cures. I know my way around pools thanks to TFP the last few years. I measured my free chlorine last night and it was up around 8ppm. So, I told the...
  10. mkmscr

    PB Plumbing Debate New Construction

    First, I have missed this forum and I am happy to say my new pool is almost complete so I will be living here again. Sadly I just realized an issue with my pool. The PB sold me on 2" plumbing for all 3 returns...GREAT! In actuality he installed a 2" line then used a 2" to 1 1/2" Tee and ran...
  11. mkmscr

    Algae growing with balanced pool water

    So I am a bit baffled whats going on with my pool. I keep finding traces of algae in the crevice areas that my robot pool vacuum has a hard time getting too. My specs are below and I am confused why algae is growing in the first place since FC has been perfect for my SWG pool. Water is crystal...
  12. mkmscr

    Solar pool covers

    Hey forum, Thinking about buying a solar blanket, cover, fancy bubble wrap for my IG pool. Curious, any experiences with the different mil sizes and have they ever blown away on anyone? I get some decent winds at my house and I don't want to see my new bubble wrap blow away...ha ha. How...
  13. mkmscr

    Leaving cover on during startup (opening)

    Every year I get pool fever around this time to open so I can get things balanced before the warm weather really hits. However, I have one tree that spins off tons of helicopter leaves in the coming weeks. Clogging the skimmers. Temperatures are rising fast and I am concerned (like I am every...
  14. mkmscr

    Hints of I go to a full SLAM assault?

    Good morning forum, Checked on our IG SWG pool this morning and I saw just a touch of algae on the ladder. Chems have been consistent and I will post below. The CYA dropped to 55ppm with the recent rain but I have adjusted for that over the last few days and I am sure it will be climbing as...
  15. mkmscr

    Is it normal to have air built up at the filter relief valve

    So I have cleaned my DE filter a few times. Perfect article, thank you. However, since my last cleaning I seem to always have air built up at the filter pressure relief valve when I open it. Only takes about 3 seconds and air is replaced by water. Is it normal to have air built up at the filter...
  16. mkmscr

    Adding chemicals at once?

    I need to add some CYA to my SWG , vinyl liner pool to bring up my level. I also need to add some baking soda to bring up my TA a smidge. PH is good at 7.6. Always wondered, whats the best order to add these and can I add baking soda and CYA at the same time or should I wait between? I know CYA...
  17. mkmscr

    AquaPod Remote Control

    I have a OnCommand system and the AquaPod remote control. It has worked fine for the last two months. Came home today and it can't find the wireless has station. Tried teaching the remote again and it worked, then it goes to sleep and loses its connection again. Anyone have any tricks or...
  18. mkmscr

    Chemical Solar Covers

    Has anyone used these so called chemical solar covers? I guess there are the Solar Pill and some liquid stuff that you add to the water. Any pros or cons? Any concerns with water chemistry or anything along those lines?
  19. mkmscr


    I know this is a difficult question to answer but I figured its worth a forum shot. Our IG, vinyl pool is in direct sun here in Connecticut. It was recently built and filled about 2 weeks ago for the first time. We have had some dry spells and some rain over the last few weeks but the water...
  20. mkmscr

    Salt System Question

    If I adjust the output purifier power on my Auto Pilot salt system how long does it take to get an accurate FC reading so I can tell what impact the adjustments had? Assuming I keep the filter pump run time the same I am trying to nail down my FC. This is a new pool filled a few weeks ago. Salt...
  21. mkmscr

    Rain water

    I had my pool people tell me today rain water would bring my PH level down. I thought rain water drove PH up? Thoughts?
  22. mkmscr

    Calculate GPMs for Variable Speed Pump

    I have a Hayward EcoStar Variable speed pump and I can't find any specs in the manual regarding GPMs. I know there are other factors that can play into this calculation. I am trying to figure out how long I need to run the pump to turn over 23000 gallons of water in one day with the least amount...
  23. mkmscr

    Chemicals hurting liners

    My pool is getting a new 27 mil Pacific liner today. Pool guy is telling me we have to use his brand of chemicals to ensure no damage to the liner. He is also telling me using any other brand or generics voids the liner warranty. Is there any truth to that? Sounds like a sales scam to me but has...
  24. mkmscr

    How to calculate gallons for lagoon pool

    I have a Pacific vinyl lagoon pool which measures 17x27x37 at 7 1/2 feet deep. Anyone have a clue how I can figure how many gallons of water are in the pool?
  25. mkmscr

    New question about recurring "metal" staining

    I am a new pool owner and I understand at times I will need to fill the pool. My concern is I live with a well system and we have high soluable iron in our water. We do have a softener in the house but should I take precautions when filling the pool? Perhaps additional testing or any additives...
  26. mkmscr

    High Water Table

    First time poster here. My pool builder started building our pool in the fall of 2012 and it seems like there is a lot of water filling into the hole they have dug for our pool. It can fill up 2 - 3 feet per day in the deep end if left un-pumped. They dropped a temp pump in the deep end and...