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    Replacement AquaRite v1.59 not working

    I replaced a v1.21 board with the v1.59. Power led light comes on, display is fine, cell set to t-15. No other lights on. Switch to Super Chlor , no super chlor led. New hayward t-15 cell. voltmeter 31.6vdc on the red and black wires also what is read on display. 23.8 VAC on the orange...
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    What know, SWG question I cant figure

    Hi all, reading for years and always found an answer. This time I am stuck. Pool in OK balance. Ph 7.3, CYA 50, CH 400, TA 100, salt on old cell 2800, new cell 3400, test strip 3300.... Started to get algae and low and behold no chlorine. Looked at SWG and check cell LED on but said still...