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  1. MermaidMama

    Pump bubbles

    Hi everyone!! Would really appreciate any help you can give... My 1.5 hp pump broke yesterday for my 18 foot above ground doughboy pool. I ran out and got a new Hayward Powerflo Matrix 1.5 hp pump. Connected and cannot get the pump to run without bubbles now. I have a 150lb sand filter that ran...
  2. MermaidMama

    Please help me! My Pump!

    My pump has worked perfect for 3-4 years. Opened my 18’ above ground pool. All of a sudden I can see bubbles in the pump. When I tried to vacuum the pool (after my roofer ripped my cover and Tina is Darn got in my perfect TFP method pool) the pump was struggling to pull water in and I stopped...
  3. MermaidMama

    No! No! No! Worms!

    We just opened pool. It was so easy last year, pool was clear as we closed it when we opened. We figured this would be quick and easy. Nope. The water is technically clear if you scoop a cup of it. There was red stuff on top of the cover as we syphoned off some water. I noticed an earthy...
  4. MermaidMama

    Oops! ? Water temp!!

    Took out ladder, vacuumed, tested CYA, gonna run pump 24 hours, loaded chlorine up to shock level. Then just came on and double checked what I needed to do, and saw the water temp needs to be below 60!! Ugh. The pool is at 70°. We were going to drain tomorrow, put the cover on and put the pump...
  5. MermaidMama

    Do I have to SLAM when opening?

    Peeked under pool cover, water looks as clear as I left it. If all is really well when I remove the cover and the needed water, do I just get it back to my normal levels of do I have to SLAM? Was told I must shock pool but since I don't use their method, I didn't know if it was necessary...
  6. MermaidMama

    TFP hard on hair?

    Used the TFP method this summer for my first time on my first pool!!! LOVED it, went great and had perfectly balanced water from start to finish!! I was a proud pool Mommy! I noticed in early fall the texture of my hair was very brittle, up way higher then just the ends. I washed and...
  7. MermaidMama


    This frigid cold up north has me daydreaming about my pool! [emoji41] Man, I'm hoping that groundhog don't see his shadow. Ha! [emoji160][emoji474] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. MermaidMama

    Closing AGP really that easy?

    Just read the sticky for closing AGP. So, do I really just put water up to shock level for 24 hours before completing the close. That's it??? Two people asked me if I bought a closing kit yet. I assume they mean chemicals. I followed the TFP Method and my pools been perfecto! My first summer...
  9. MermaidMama

    HELP! Is it safe to swim?

    I added the pH Increaser exact amount it said. Mixed it in a big bucket and added it throughout the day yesterday, last being 9:00 at night. Swam at least 30 minutes every time to distribute. (We have no electric) Now my pH is at 8.2 and chlorine is back at zero. We are having a Fathers Day...
  10. MermaidMama

    No Electric to Balancing My Pool

    Pool went in last Sunday, June 8th. Filled with public water since Monday afternoon. I have added no chemicals and nobody has swam yet. Weather is finally cleared. Can I add something? I was going to get in with the kids. Add it before or after? Also, going to be nice all weekend. Can we be...
  11. MermaidMama

    Running PVC underground on AGP

    Do you think I could run my PVC pipe (ditch the plastic tubing) underground straight from the pool appx 10 to 12 feet to where I could nice have the pump/filter on side of my house? Does it mess with how effectively it pumps the water?
  12. MermaidMama

    My 18' x 52" Pool Build

    Yay!!! Finally my pool is going in. Since it started today and will finish today, I didn't think this fit the "Under Construction" thread. Pool guys have been great. They've done everything I've been reading on here for months, so I feel confident they are doing a great job. We were going to get...
  13. MermaidMama

    Good vs Bad Neighbors

    Anybody's neighbor mad that you put a pool in? I'm sure you can guess why I'm asking.
  14. MermaidMama

    Foam over sand?

    My pool installer included sand as a base and I do want sand put down on top of the dirt. Would the foam or gorilla pad on top be overkill? Is it typically one OR the other? If gorilla type pad/foam goes over sand, the benefit would be its s softer step? Thinking that might not really...
  15. MermaidMama

    Pump Size Question

    So, I bought a pool package that included my pump and filter, I am happy with getting this pump and filter, just have a size question. The pool will be an 18' x 52" round. Pump/filter is Doughboy Aqua View 17" Filter and a Doughboy Powerline XP 1 HP Pump. Someone mentioned a few weeks ago...
  16. MermaidMama

    ??? On Pump & Filter Size

    I'm getting an 18' round x 52 inch high above ground pool. I am getting a 1 HP pump and 1 HP filter. This is plenty for my pool size????
  17. MermaidMama

    Trench Around Pool- What did you do?

    I keep reading your not to backfill the area up against the pool. My ground is pretty level, so I'm expecting the dug out area to the grass to be 6-8 inches at most. Obviously you don't leave an open trench around the pool. What did everyone do? Any neat ideas? I'm thinking we'll just put some...
  18. MermaidMama

    TFPC for Beginners ... which kit?

    Split by moderator. Please ask questions in your own thread. Thanks, jblizzle So, I am getting a smaller pool. 18 foot round above ground. I will get pool filled by a water company. Which test kit should I start with. I'm assuming the water will be at good levels when it's filled.
  19. MermaidMama

    FINALLY!! Got my permit!

    Started this journey last July. I have a corner of yard off my deck, nobody but the dog uses. Going to be home to an 18' round Doughboy above ground pool. Naturally the pool company is booked, but due to permit issues it took till now to get going. So,he's going to try and fit me in before the...
  20. MermaidMama

    POOL LOCATION- Please Help

    Does anyone know if the IRC says you must have your pool a minimum of 10 feet from the house? The code and zoning company hired by my borough is saying that the IRC (international residential code) does not permit a swimming pool closer then 10 feet and no pool can be closer then that...
  21. MermaidMama

    HELP! Pool location!

    Ugh!!! These codes and zoning is driving me crazy. I have nothing in the zoning that says how close or far away the pool has to be from your house (or any structure). So, MY QUESTION is how close have some of you gone to your house? Anyone within 1-2 feet? Hoping my hopes of a pool are not...
  22. MermaidMama

    Best Pump Size for 18' AGP

    What size pump would recomend as the minimum, and what would be perfect size? Thanks so much!