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  1. terryking

    Pouring liquid chlorine in, am I doing it ok?

    I run the filter pump 2 hrs twice a day and run 10 minutes of my little peristaltic pump with 3.3% chlorine (10% diluted 2:1) at the startup of the filter pump. The chlorine discharges in a small tube in front of one of the returns and you can see the more-dense chlorine immediately mixed in the...
  2. terryking

    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Mine is as clear as can be; 7ft in center. I run the filter pump 2 hours at night another 2 hrs early afternoon. Solar heater pump several hours in day. Main thing is NEVER let the chlorine get below 2ppm .. usually 4ppm.
  3. terryking

    Taylor K-2006 test kit 5 years old. pH color visual scale MIGHT have changed??

    Dave, Excellent! I didn't know about that kit; ordered one. THANKS! TFP Strikes Again :)
  4. terryking

    Taylor K-2006 test kit 5 years old. pH color visual scale MIGHT have changed??

    Hi Everyone, THANKS for all the great information over last 10 years. I have a Taylor K-2006 kit. Works fine for usual fC etc. But I am questioning the pH color scale on the plastic test tubes. It seems to me that the colors for 7.6, 7.8 and 8.0 are almost identical. And the 7.0 may be more...
  5. terryking

    What is a good pump for my pool heater system??

    Hi; Sorry I wasn't clear; I am thinking about a separate small pump only for the solar heater system. I usually run the main pump 2 hours at 2AM and 2 hours at 2PM and 10 minutes on the chlorine pump at the beginning of those cycles. I'm thinking about the electrical cost of running the main...
  6. terryking

    What is a good pump for my pool heater system??

    Hi Everyone, I have three " Eco Saver Solar Panel Pool Heaters " in series. I now feed pool water from a Tee on the main returns with a "irrigation" valve I control depending on temperatures etc. But I have a 2HP pump and it burns a lot of electricity when I want the heater working 8+ hours a...
  7. terryking

    Vermont Ice-Just-Melted startup questions

    THANKS! Updates: Added usual CYA, no problem, TA and Ph are OK. Can not get any accurate reading on Borate so assumed zero. Borax + Hcl in 2 passes. Seems fine. Ran Cl at 10 for first 2 weeks.. Perfectly clear, no chlorine smell, Ph is good. So, like last year WalMa plus lumber yard that has...
  8. terryking

    K-2006 Taylor tests: FC Reagent Question

    one dipper of powder is enough Thanks! I'll do that...
  9. terryking

    K-2006 Taylor tests: FC Reagent Question

    Hi, I've been using the K-2006 Taylor for 3 years; renewed the FC and PH reagents this year. I test with 10ml water sample, 2 drops R0871 per ppm. Instructions say "2 dippers of R0870 powder" but with only a 10ml sample the powder does not completely dissolve. Is it OK to use just one dipper...
  10. terryking

    I've been adding chlorine daily. Is that "normal"?

    Another cheaper solution is to use a little peristaltic pump and a timer. I have it add chlorine twice a day and adjust the dilution and time to keep the free chlorine about 5 or 6ppm. The pump runs on 12VDC from a wallwart power supply. Pump On Amazon HERE Power supply HERE (I do not own...
  11. terryking

    PoolMath From Microsoft MUST have Windows 10 ?? Nice!

    Hi Guys, Didn't want to make such a rumpus :-) " so if someone sold you a new computer with it in 2017 they ripped you off. " Well, it came with Win 7 installed and a cd that was supposed to be able to upgrade it to Win10, but it never would finish installing... PoolCalc on the web is fine for...
  12. terryking

    PoolMath From Microsoft MUST have Windows 10 ?? Nice!

    So I clicked on the left of this page on "Pool math" and got a info window. "You do the swimming. We do the math " I have a PC (Several, but this is Windows 7).. So I click "Get It from Microsoft" Wants me to log in with my Microsoft account. OK, did that. Says I have no devices. So I go to...
  13. terryking

    Vermont Ice-Just-Melted startup questions

    Hi Everyone, and THANKS for the great education and help over the past 10 years. As in Sig, about 20,000 gallon pool, On/In ground. Ice just finished melting :-) Pool was drawn down about 30% to below returns, Covered (but cover was partly off this Spring.) Just refilled (good well water) and...
  14. terryking

    Can wind raise pH?

    @splashpad thanks for the Walmart Chlorinating Liquid pointer; In stock here and 25% less cost per molecule... About managing FC: I run a small 12V peristaltic pump that is computer controlled. I run it twice a day 2AM and 2 PM and the FC stays about 4-6 ppm always after I get it calibrated...
  15. terryking

    32 foot on/in ground pool build in Vermont, Filter/Chlorine Automation

    The usual chlorine injection is automatic. We call the computer "Oley" because of his Swedish-Like vocal accent. His cousin Sven was the old home automation guy; the voice output was an IBM Voice Communications Adapter on an IBM AT. This is the text-to-speech algorithm that Stephen Hawkings...
  16. terryking

    Wire Size

    Yes conduit is the best solution. AND you can pull some other wires in if you need them. I added a small control cable (5-#18 from Home Depot) later for the chlorine pump control etc. Will add some 12V lights soon. See: The one on the right is my Pool conduit. All those pull boxes and...
  17. terryking

    32 foot on/in ground pool build in Vermont, Filter/Chlorine Automation

    Hi Everyone, A HUGE thanks to all the people who have put hundreds+ of hours into documenting their builds, their ideas, their troubles and solutions and their optimistic approach for those of us Wanting Desparately to Jump In The Pool! Here is the link to our build (2017..2018) ...
  18. terryking

    Geo Bubble Solar Cover

    Hi, Please share your source
  19. terryking

    Muriatic Acid GREEN

    Hi, I just called JASCO and they refused to give me the concentration. "IT's a Trade Secret"... Have any of you chemists tested the actual percentage?? High School Chemistry, right?? Let's PUBLISH it.. Local LOWES has Blue label 31.5% but sometimes not in stock. Got some from masonry...
  20. terryking

    Klean Strip Green Muriatic Acid %

    How do you know this? I called JASCO and they told me it is a trade secret and all they will say is "<30%"..
  21. terryking

    Why you need Borax for a new pool

    Hi, PoolMath sez I need 60 pounds for 19,000 gallons. Also 4 gallons of HCl I have used Borate + CYA in my other pool last 4 years with excellent, easy to maintain results.
  22. terryking

    Why you need Borax for a new pool

    Hi, We'll put the liner in tomorrow on our 18x33 on-ground pool. I though you might like the photo of us installing the wall and bottom foam today. I'll post more progress later here.. Regards, Terry King ...In The Woods...
  23. terryking

    Bleach Prices 2014

    Re: Cost Comparison of Chlorine Sources 8.25% Bleach $2.98 Walmart Vermont USA