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  1. coopgraphic

    High Alkalinity but good PH levels.

    Hi, I had to refill my pool this spring, 11,000 gallons, and my PH is reading 7.6 but my TA is 400. I filled the pool from my well that has hard water. I looked up lowering the TA but it seems like it would take a dangerous amount of muriatic acid to get it down. Thoughts?
  2. coopgraphic

    Reduced Flow Rate When Running Through Solar Panels

    Hi, I just invested in a Pentair solar controller and while it is being shipped, I changed the plumbing from my pump to get ready to install it. When I did a manual test run, my flow rate dropped dramatically. Before, the flow into the pool was almost as strong as a hot tub jet. I couldn't even...
  3. coopgraphic

    Separate port for return from solar heater?

    Last year, I tied my solar heat in with my pool pump eyeball fitting. I had very strong warm water coming from the combined pool filter pump with the solar pump injecting warm water into the pool filter line. The only downfall is that I had to manually shut off a valve if I didn't want water...
  4. coopgraphic

    Solar Heat - Whats the Best GPH to Run?

    I have 4 linked panels that are 2' x 20' heating my 15' x 26' pool. They are mounted on an angled frame that is on the ground with the highest point being at the height of the pool edge. I had a 1500 GPH Intex pump that I used that seemed to be doing a good job at heating the pool but I'm...
  5. coopgraphic

    One side bowing on oval pool.

    I have an oval pool with a deck built on one side of the pool. The other side is bowing out a little bit causing the framing to be noticeable on the pool floor. I'm guessing this needs to be addressed and if so, how? Should I brace that side of the pool or completely drain the pool and try...