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    Pentair Racer bag STINKS!

    The bag on my pentair racer pool cleaner smells like pond water (for lack of better description). It's a new bag this summer. We empty it every couple of days. Our pool water certainly doesn't smell like pond water. It's crystal clear and levels are all good. I can't figure out how something...
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    What to do when out of town?

    I was just wondering what everyone does when they go out of town when using the tfp method of balancing water. I currently test every couple of days but add liquid chlorine everyday and acid every couple of days. Do you just use pucks while you are gone? I'm not sure we can find someone to come...
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    Losing at least 2ppm of Chlorine/day (no CC)

    I recently switched from Trichlor pucks to liquid chlorine (10%) and I feel like I'm using a ton of chlorine. It might be a normal amount but I wanted to check here. My CYA is around 50, so my minimum chlorine is 4ppm with a Target of 6-8ppm, so that's what I'm striving for. But it's dropping...