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  1. Spookie

    What’s this thing??

    Found this in my parents skimmer. Pool was built in the 70’s. Looks like a 70’s version of a UFO diverter? Any ideas what it is and if it’s a diverter, how to adjust. No issues with the pool. It’s skimming but not sure if the drains are restricted or not. Seems they would be.
  2. Spookie

    Heat pool using Alexa / IntelliCenter

    You probably all knew this already but... “Alexa, ask Pentair to turn on my spa and heat it to 102 degrees”
  3. Spookie

    Why does the SWG not work in cold water?

    I understand my swg doesn’t like the cold water and will shut down. I’m just wondering why? Anyone know? I tried searching the interweb to avoid bugging anyone here, but I could not find an answer.
  4. Spookie

    Before you fill your empty pool...

    I’m sure it’s on the forum somewhere, but I’ve never seen it. But right before you fill your pool, you can take a photo of your water meter. Immediately after it is full, take another photo. Using both photos, you can calculate how many gallons your pool / spa are. I’ve done it to both of my...
  5. Spookie

    Lame tile guy did this

    I designed my own pool and am usually pretty observant. Wasn't until I was in the spa for the first time a few days ago that I noticed one of my 2 skimmers has a larger opening than the other. Guessing it’s not the biggest deal, but would like to hear what others think. Builder plans to add make...
  6. Spookie

    Salt level sound normal?

    My new pebble pool is 3 weeks old and I have not added any salt yet. Using the recommended salinity test kit, my salt level shows to be 1000. Normal???
  7. Spookie

    What’s my SWG Production?

    Will be adding salt to my newly filled pool soon and was hoping to get ideas about my chlorine production based on the specs in my signature. I appreciate any help! Mike
  8. Spookie

    Slip return fittings

    Greetings. Shotcrete has been applied. Builder includes flush mount returns but I would like the ability to change returns if needed. They installed 1 1/2 inch non threaded pipe for the returns. When researching return fittings, I see some slip fittings with a bulge on it. Are these typically...
  9. Spookie

    Shotcrete leaching

    Shotcrete was completed a week ago. Ever since, I’ve noticed dirt on one area of a wall. Although I cannot see the muddy water coming through the wall, I know it is because it rinsed off when I water down the Shotcrete and then appears again hours later. Builder says it’s all good and that the...
  10. Spookie

    Glass tile installation

    Glass tile this something I could tackle myself? From what I have read, it seems a little more complicated than installing ceramic tile.
  11. Spookie

    SoCal build

    I began using this site in 2014 when I had my first pool built. I went from knowing nothing about pools to knowing a few things. I’ve since sold that home and moved into a newly constructed home. I enjoy doing things myself and learning, especially TFP methods. Ever since I purchased this...