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    Pool Drainage

    I didn't even think about that. There is a random drain by the pool which could be tied in like that. I'll check that out tonight, thanks.
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    Pool Drainage

    Yea I ran my hand all around inside the skimmer thinking maybe it was hidden under the upper lip but nothing.
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    Pool Drainage

    We had a heck of a rain last night which filled our pool and it overflowed. This morning when we woke up the water was back below the coping about even with the top of the tiles/bottom of the coping. I can see no overflow drain anywhere. Did all that water seep through the grout? I can't...
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    First Test Results and other Questions

    So got my good kit and was able to test today: FC 2 CC 0 PH 7.2 TA 90 CH 200 CYA 0 The pool was replastered in September so the PH rises about .2-.8 per day....I’ve dumped about 2 gals of muriatic acid this week. So I know I need to get my CYA up, any other suggestions? I also just replaced...