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    Any reason to bring sand filter into garage for winter

    Hi All, In the northeast - have about 50lbs of sand in the filter. I know pump etc. need to come inside, but hubby and I have different views on leaving the sand filter outdoors for the winter. Is it worth it to bring it inside? we have a handtruck, so we really could move it if needed...
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    Chlorine level safe for sewer

    Hi All - frame pool (a bit shy of 5,000 gallons) storing it for the winter.. here are my questions: 1. what is a safe level of chlorine to drain it into the storm sewers? 2. what's the best "keep it dry" material? corn starch? baking soda? How liberal do I need to be? 3. my pool is a Bestway 9'...
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    testing salt level - do i need test strips?

    I'm just getting started with Intex SWG - I know it will alert on high/low, but it doesn't show the salt levels. Bout the TF-100, but I think I may need some kind of strip to test the salinity? Many thanks with all the advice received so far --- starting with adding salt now! Michele
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    looking for bungee solution for pool cover to be used daily

    Hello - lots of trees/debris in pool area and I think the pool cover should go on at night (seasonal pool- coming down in the fall. The cover that came with my bestway frame pool has little strings that tie on to the Ubar supports. Its' a total pain. Anyone have a good solution rigged with...
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    any value in using both anti-fatigue and foam board together? assembling on stone patio

    Hello lovely TFP folks, I'm taking a risk by putting my bestway 18 x 9 x 48 on my stone patio for the summer. taking down in the fall. Patio is level, so I don't want to muck with it. I thought I would do following: gorilla pad foam board anti-fatigue mat all tapped with gorilla tape. My...
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    Confirming FC level stays between 4-6 ppm not below 3 + Timing

    Hi all. Newbie running Intex Krystal Clear Sand filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 14", 110-120V with Gfci on a 18 x 9 Bestway pool - setup day is here! A couple of questions: (stuff I'm confirming/confused about is in green) 1. TFP recco is 4-6 ppm FC, above 3 recommended in Pool Math...
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    SWG shopping list - newbie advice needed

    Hi All, We bought a bestway 9 x 18 x 48" frame pool with and upgraded to Intex Krystal Clear 1500 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with E.C.O. (Electrocatalytic Oxidation) for Above Ground Pools, 110-120V with GFCI my volume should be 4860 gallons Bought so far - 120 lbs of Morton pool...
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    Newbie questions - thanks in advance!

    Hi All, I know some of these questions have been asked before, but I've got a bunch: we bought a (bestway) 18' x 9' x 48" pool f for our back patio area and have a bunch of setup questions: -we have a really amazingly level flagstone patio, set in the dirt, so there are cracks between the...
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    looking to hire someone for ground preparation - Westchester county, ny

    Hi Folks, We are looking to put in a TINY intex above ground pool - 16' x 8' x 42", and we need someone to pick up some flagstone and level our ground area. Anyone do this or have recommendations? If it's reasonable, we might spring for the install too. We live near white plains, ny Many...