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    What's the strangest thing you've ever...

    I found a couple of dead mice in the skimmer last week (on different days) and keep finding my daughter's cat peering into the pool like she's lost something.
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    Airsoft pellets and pool water.

    My (almost) seven year old is agitating for an airsoft gun (to use with daddy and eye protection). I know that if I let her use it at home the bbs are going to get into the pool (it is probably 40% of the area of my backyard). Has anyone had any experience with the biodegradable bbs in...
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    Building a 6'x10'x4' exercise pool - Help appreciated!

    One more plug for bleach: I can smell the pool at the local Y from the street outside, and occasionally across the street. Just thinking about swimming there makes my skin itch. The outdoor pool near my house also smells of "Chlorine" and leaves my skin dry. But they don't smell like...
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    Building a 6'x10'x4' exercise pool - Help appreciated!

    FYI: dichlor is chlorine. But unless showering with municipal water has the same effect your issue is probably with byproducts of sanitizing a high bather load and not the chlorine itself. If your schedule allows, I'd suggest arranging the shade so you get sun part of the day (on the east...
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    Low water flow to one cycle of infloor cleaning system

    I think you may need to rebuild the quickclean actuator to get a better seal between the active circuit and the others. It cost me about $125 in parts to do mine last year and really improved flow from the active heads. It is a pretty simple project. The test would be to hold a hand or foot...
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    Under water breathing apparatus?

    As I recall there is a fairly shallow limit (3-4 feet?) beyond which a snorkel won't work because the pressure outside your body is so much higher than the pressure at the end of the snorkel. On the bright side, this should do a lot for your cardio fitness...
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    Is it possible to calculate volume if my pool is irregular

    Re: Is it possible to calculate volume if my pool is irregul I'd use the oval calculation to start and test again after the addition to test the volume estimate.
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    CYA Too High / Draining Question...

    For less than $25 worth of PVC I was able to add a T leading to valve and the right threads for a garden hose. I did it to be able to drain a low spot the builder left between my filter and heater, but it should work for your problem to.
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    Peculiar problem of vacuum hose crimping

    I have an in floor cleaner so priming on jet doesn't work for me either (plus I opened to 58 degree water). What did work was attaching the head to the hose, dropping the head in, and slowly push the rest of the hose straight down into the water until I just have enough hose left to get to the...
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    How did I mess up this bad?

    I just had a bright idea. Next time you're at the pool store (or Walmart or wherever), take a look at the cheap OTO test kit. If you can tell the color blocks apart you shouldn't have any trouble with the pH test, or at least no more than the rest of us do. But I'm not color blind so I cannot...
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    Jandy lite2 won't fire up. Block siphon tube?

    The switch and tube and 18 and 19 on this diagram:
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    Jandy lite2 won't fire up. Block siphon tube?

    I figured out that if I jumped the presure switch the heater would come on so I ordered a new switch. The new switch also doesn't close the circuit. So I pointed the siphon tube in a direction I didn't mind getting wet and turned on my pump with the switch off and nothing came out. :( I...
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    Liquid Solar Covers - Do they work?

    I don't know about carts or borates, but I couldn't feel or see it. And the packages say to add more regularly.
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    I need to drain hot tub into pool....

    I don't think you can do it from the remote, but the "PS4 power center" (looks like a large breaker box) has a control panel inside with a "spa drain" mode that will pump the water into your pool. Here is a link to the install manual which has some pics:
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    clueless Newbie needs help with PH

    Pour it in front of the return.
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    Chlorine tablets "pucks"

    The ones I see at Walmart and Costco both contain copper which will build up and cause staining.
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    Neglected IG Turtle Pond - need help

    You might want to take it easy on the Cal-hypo as well since your pool water is already quite hard.
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    solar salt?

    I'll let someone else answer that, I do know that my local Walmart sells Morton pool salt at $6 for 40lbs.
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    Water Looks perfect, but....

    Last year I added borates at 40ppm and salt to 2000ppm and it felt great on my skin, I was tempted to jump in after showering rather than the reverse.
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    Calcium chloride on Ebay?

    Did you ask about special orders? My local Ace will typically order anything on the website (with no shipping charge).
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    Ground water is coming in around the skimmer collar!!

    If you put the holes on the top, over time the pipe will fill with sediment. If you put them on the bottom the water will tend to carry the sediment past and whatever gets in will tend to fall out as the water level drops. The pipe will still allow water to move to equalize the local water table.
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    I am about to lose my head...

    It does and it doesn't. Reducing the pipe size will reduce the amount of water you can move (in GPH), but the water you do move will be moving faster (in feet per second) and may not be in the heat exchanger long enough to suck up much heat.
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    Attacking the Algae Tub: FC testing question

    FYI: when your FC is that high the Ph test is not reliable.
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    Water spigot after pump?

    I put one in to drain a low spot between my filter and heater after it burst over the winter. We had an inflatable pool slide last summer that had garden hose fitting to wet it. If that thing still holds air this summer my 5 year old and her friends might like it if I use the hose spigot to...
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    new pool owner with a foreclosure swamp

    And doing the overnight test will let you estimate much of the FC you're losing during the day is due to the sun and how much is due to organics that should be mostly when you stop shocking.
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    Can I just use the skimmers to clear up the pool?

    Although if your plumbing is anything like mine, blocking off the main drain with leaves is functionally no different than closing the valve on the pad. So perhaps you should filter through the skimmer and the main since the main is going to get the scummiest water and bring your visibility up...
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    Can I just use the skimmers to clear up the pool?

    I would do both, filter through the skimmers while you scoop out whatever you can.
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    Residue on top of water, could it be CYA?

    If you are really worried about having added too much CYA, I suggest you rinse you cart(s) today in case there is still some undissolved CYA sitting there dissolving...
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    Mustard Algae - Bubbles?

    Double check your Clorox, the "splash-less" bleach has a thickener (Cetyl betaine) that is also used elsewhere as a foaming agent. I had a somewhat similar experience in my spa and blamed the thickener. Unfortunately I do not know how to get rid of it, I had only opened my spa when I...
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    Algae growing with sufficient FC levels

    I'm sure better circulation will help, you might also consider borates. I understand that they slow algae growth.