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    Pecan seeds & other organics... Floc?

    I have had the issue dealing with two pecan trees that are over the pool. Each opening, I deal with the pods (and their little seeds) by skimmer socks. I started to look again for a way to get at these little seeds more agressively. I saw a product called APi Revive!. I did a quick search here...
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    DIY Solar Circulation Pump

    This has been a topic that I have been kicking around for years. During the cooler months, I can get away with reduced hours on my main pool pump when the pool is not in use. I am researching ways to move water without using grid power. I am not wanting to filter the water, just move it. Do the...
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    Type of Chlorine to use for SLAM

    I understand that liquid chlorine is the best but what would be the 2'nd, 3'rd choices to use? Since my bulk chlorine supplier is out of business, I am wondering what the next few options are. Reading up on some older posts, I am leaning towards Lithium Hypo. I have really hard water and I don't...
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    IntelliFlo VS Pump 011018 Run Time and the like...

    Installed the new VS pump this morning. The LCD display is not working well, pentair will be sending a tech over to replace it. It was working long enough for me to program a basic routine. Set the speed to 1200 rpm which yields me about 20 gpm (i installed a flow meter a few years back). Watts...
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    Austin Metro Source for bulk Bleach

    I had a number of local folks ask me where you can get bleach besides Cosco or Sams in the Austin metro area... I didn't wish to release the name until Mitch gave me the green light. Here is where I get my 12%: Mitch Commercial Swim Management Hutto, TX 78634 Office - 512-244-7946...
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    Stenner for Muriatic Acid (Which one and feed rate?)

    I am impressed with my first Stenner. Now I am in the planning stage to purchase another for my muriatic delivery. Suggestions on the pump and feed rate? If all possible I want to control the feed on the same timer as my current Stenner which is for my chlorine. The tricky part with the Stenner...
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    Stenner 45MHP10 Output rate

    Ok...pump installed. Waiting to connect output pending the usage of all the bleach from the liquidator. Question, how do I figure out how much bleach per day to start with? Figured I start with 4 gpd and adjust.
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    Stenner Double Head Adjustable Output

    I just ordered a single head to feed my chlorine. If I decide to feed my muriatic acid, could i replace the single head with a dual? Any issue with one pumping chlorine and the other pumping muriatic acid? The injection points will be after the filter and as far apart as I can put them. The...
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    Booster Pump died... Can I replace ... w/ Variable Speed ...

    My old booster pump finally died. Motor shot. My main pump is has started to squeak. I am wondering if I can replace both with a variable speed pump to operate my pool. The Pentair variable speed pump seems that it can be cranked up close to 4hp if needed. I have a huge sand filter, which...
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    Reducing Electric Consumption (Pump Suggestions)

    Once again as spring is upon us, I decided to look into a more efficient pump. I have tried various settings which yield some savings. I replaced one of the biggest energy hogs (an old AC unit) at the end of summer. I have had my eye on a Pentair variable pump for the last two years but I wanted...
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    Salt on my rocks... :)

    I have been noticing since summer that when I up the chlorine levels, white lines start to appear around the water line and creeping up the joints. I noticed more salty taste to the water. Last week after raising the FCL to around 10ppm, I had major white stuff not just around the water line but...
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    How to reduce CH?

    Is there any magic out there that will remove CH without draining the water? ;) The problem is, my fill is hard water and it's even worse now that we have been in a long drought. My last TF100 CH test read around 600. All my other chem levels are near perfect. I have a developing CH line at the...
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    Venturi Injector for LQ

    Some users of the LQ are not getting enough "juice" out of their tank. Here is another option to research and test: Use of a venturi-type injector to get the "juice" out of your tank and into your pool. Mazzei Injectors was recommended to me by a number of folks in the industry. (...
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    Liquidator "WS" Poll

    Liquidator owners: We need to hear from you. "Yes" if you have any white stuff in your LQ on a normal basis <edit> and it effect the performance of your LQ. <end of edit> "No" if you don't have any "White Stuff" in your LQ on a normal basis. "6%" do you use 6% bleach in your LQ "12%" do you...
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    Best way to introduce CYA into a pool

    I am sorry if I am repeating an old question... I remember reading that I should put the powder into a sock. My question is, what kind of sock is best to use? (Should I borrow one of my wife's socks? Don't worry... I will blame Sean) I have two skimmers, is it best to split the differance...
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    What kind of bug is this?

    Just saw these little guys in the pool today. Never seen them before and they seem to live long out of the water too... Do I need to look at killing these little guys or will nature rid me of these guys in due time? Are they of any threats to us?
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    Who here are the water hydraulics experts?

    If not an expert, one with experience.
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    Flowmeter for 2" PVC w/little space

    I have little PVC to work with on my Pad. The only PVC I have which it will work on, goes to my solar collectors. Would there be any differance between the solar and non-solar flow rates? Does anyone know of a flowmeter which does not require 28" or more working space? Anyone have experiance...
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    Solar for Pool Pump?

    Last year when we where building the pool, I called the local solar companies and they said it would cost about $40,000 to install solar panels to run my pool pump. In my area, we have on a good day only 80% production period during the day. I don't have much roof space left due to the passive...
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    How warm is too warm pool water???

    Hit 90 degrees in the pool today for the first time with the aid of the solar system. I had the solar a bit high, so I bumped it down to 85 at 3pm today. Yesterday the pool was a cool 81. I decided 90 is just too warm.. I like 82-88 myself. Now 82 degree water seems almost too cold... Getting...
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    Flow Indicator/Meter materials

    As I am searching for a flow indicator/meter, I have come across a few meters which use 316 stainless steel ball bobbin. How does 316 stainless steel react to pool chemicals? Anyone have names for manufacturer whom make flow meters/indicators which will work with the pool chemicals and can be...
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    Alkalinity Adjuster(?) plus The Liquidator plus pH Adjuster

    As some know, I am a big fan of BBB and the HASA lineup. Would the 4-gal size tank work to inject as needed Baking Soda? Any issues with doing another "Y" connecter on the chlorine line above acid line to feed the baking soda solution? I am wondering what the strength in the Alkalinity Adjuster...
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    Testing SWG any difference then a non-SWG

    My neighbor has a SWG pool and loves how my pool looks. She laughed at me when my wife has complained about all the test kits that I have bought over the last year. Recently, she asked if I could test her water for her weekly which I don't mind for it lets me use my test equipment even more. I...
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    PH Control

    The ongoing quest to understand how to control my PH continues. I think I am getting to know my pool a little better with your help and keeping a detail log. As Jason pointed out, my pool seems to like a lower TA. My TA from Jan-Feb has been hovering around the 50's. In late March I decided to...
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    Jack's "After Shock" Product

    Saw this on the shelf at the local pool store. Thought it was an interesting idea. Any thoughts on it? Will it introduce bad chems to a BBB pool?
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    Endless Cycle: PH - Alk

    First off... my pool is still someone new: Filled with water on Nov 1, 2007. I am also heating my water with solar. Now to the meat of the topic... It seems that I am in an endless cycle of adding Muriatic Acid and Baking Soda... If I let the pool alone and there is no rain, the PH will rise...
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    Floating Liquid Chlorine Dispenser?

    I have been searching for one of these, I want to use it in my spa and even in the pool from time to time. I just closed down the spa for the summer and had a very good year of using BBB. As already known when using chlorine, I had to watch and add a small amount every other day or after use...
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    Pool Perfect <Good or worthless?>

    It's been a while since my last visit to my local pool store due to using BBB. I needed some acid and I decided to pick up a pack of scum balls. Upon check out, the cute gal suggested that I look at Pool Perfect. Upon reviewing the container, I decided to give it a try. I am a strong BBB user...
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    Collecting the Pool's "Brown Water" for Lawn/Plant usage?

    Being a new pool owner, my wife and I thought about capturing the brown water which comes when we rinse the filter to use for plants and such. Would this be good or bad? Thanks, Mike
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    Pool Chemicals "Does & Not to Does"?

    Being a new pool owner, what are the Does and Not To Does with regards to chemicals? 1) Add chemicals to water not water to chemicals? 2) When adding "???" chemical to your pool, wait "x" amount of time before adding "??" chemical 3) When to mix chemicals to a bucket of pool water and when...