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    Fence hangers

    These are the pool hangers I bought on Amazon: .
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    Best NG Heater? My Raypak RP2100 rusted out....Please help!

    To check for a gas leak before your installer shows back up. Use a spray bottle with soap and water. Spray the gas connections and look for bubbles.
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    Heat Pump Real Life Experience for Heating and Cooling

    Thinking of having a heat pump installed to extend the swimming season in the Houston area. Would like to know how well the heat pump work for cooling down pools? Last summer my pool temperature were in the high 80's and low 90's. Looking for real life experiences with heating and cooling a pool.
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    Removing the diving board (new homeowners insurance company) - light electrical box??

    How about a jumping/sitting rock with access to electrical box.
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    Pool Equiptment Turned Itself on and I Cannot Stop It

    Do you have your freeze protection on? My Pentair Easy Touch freeze protection will start automatically at 35 degrees.