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    Algae at and above waterline

    Those rocks look like Moss Rocks. I also have Moss Rocks for my waterfall and part of my pool wall. Are you sure it is algae and not moss starting to grow. I am pretty sure you have nothing growing below the waterline. I use a spray bottle full of bleach and a nylon brush to remove the moss off...
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    Salt water newbie in Houston - I thought this would be easy!

    I would buy some plain old bleach/chlorine from HEB, Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes, etc.
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    Pool still cloudy

    A 25% increased on your normal filter psi. For example: At 8 psi, you would backwash at approximately 10 psi. A 2 psi increased of 8 psi is approximately 25%. I am an old fart, so I am using math from the 60's and 70's. Good luck
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    Adding chlorine

    You already have 2 outfits to add chlorine/bleach. Why switch to pucks?
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    Question about bubbles being produced by my SWG

    Chlorine gas being produce by your SWCG (salt water chlorine generator).
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    Please help a n00b identify some holes

    The hole on the deck is for an umbrella.
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    Pool Salt Price

    Walmart has Dive In Premium Pool Salt for $3.00. (40 lb bag) I live in Baytown, Tx, 25 miles east of Houston. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Added chlorine and the pool turned green

    Have you check for metals in your water?