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    Replacement pump sizing.

    I am having trouble deciding on a new pump hp. My pool is 25000 gallons. I have a Jacuzzi 24" 60 gpm sand filter. My pvc pipes are 1.5" and I have 2 skimmers and a drain. I have figured my flow rate at about 52 gpm. Would a 1.5 hp Pentair Super flo overpower my filter? I am worried about cavitation.
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    Cavitation or bad bearings?

    Hope someone can help, I'm so frustrated. My 1hp pentair Super flo just died. My brother gave me a 1.5hp pentair Super flo he is no longer using. I am using it now and it makes the most dreadful noise. It chugs like a train and grinds. It is so loud I can hear it in my house. I don't know if the...