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    thinking of getting rid of my pool...

    Hey guys! Been contemplating this of late, seems like my pool is getting used less and less so I may just get rid of it... Here's a couple of pics of it: BTW - just kidding!
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    Just wanted to show you a cool (new to me) Idea

    I've been a member here since this place opened - haven't been too active for a while due to being swamped as you call it! My son keeps us pretty busy for much of the year - downtime in the winter only and....well......most people's pools are closed then!!! Our AG pool is made by a...
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    Anybody here do Motocross or Enduros?

    Just wondering if anyone else loves 2 wheels and dirt? My son's into racing motocross, I like everything from track to trail, my wife just enjoys the milder side of the sport - but what matters is she enjoys it no matter what speed she's traveling at. anyone else - Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
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    Dogs... (posts split from MOLES)

    New2pools - that yellowish junk - I wouldn't take it too lightly - it looks like mustard algae - I've researched the heck out of this stuff since I've had it before, it's probably the worst algae to try and get rid of, it can live in relatively high chlorine concentrations and the only way I...
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    Error message when posting

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    Error message

    getting some sort of php error regarding not being able to insert words into search when posting new msg....
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    Fix your Aqualuminator once and for all!!! (use at own risk)

    Anyone who owns an Above Ground pool with the Aqualuminator light will know that the bulbs tend to blow up quite regularly and are about 40-50 shipped to replace each time - sometimes yearly. Although the design of the light is very good and is likely the best AG pool light available, this can...
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    our pool

    Finally got around to taking some pics of our 30 foot diameter Vogue Impact resin pool - pool is located about 100 feet away from the house, directly beside my raised septic bed (about th size of half a soccer field). I built a raised pad for the pool to get the top of the pool wall even with...
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    stuck cleaners

    Anybody else having issues with their automatic cleaner hiding out under their steps relatively frequently??? Also - what type of steps would they be? Let me know, I'm just looking for some stats........
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    Hi All, Thought I'd also introduce myself since everyone else has. My name's Matt (like that's a tough one to figure out), the 4x4 is kinda self explanatory as well. I live in Ontario, somewhat in the middle of nowhere and like it like that - most times, I can be found in and around mudholes...