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    Will a bigger/faster pump heat up the pool faster when using solar panels?

    I just installed a new bigger/stronger/faster pump a few days ago and I am not seeing the massive heat gains I was expecting. I don't know where I got the idea that moving water faster through the panels will create more heat. So what say you? Does more water going through my panels give me more...
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    Is this intex pump overkill for my pool?

    I have an intex 15x18 pool. The pump it came with struggles moving the water through 175-200 feet of 1.5inch pvc pipe then through 5 4x10 solar panels and a slight incline. I currently have a second intex pump that comes with the easy set pools on the return just to get some extra flow. It still...
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    Some of my solar panels are warm to the touch. What’s going on?

    I have 5 4x10 solar panels that I moved to a sunnier location 2 days ago and the pool is still struggling to warm up. Pump had been on for a few hours when I went out to touch them and found that 2 were cool and 3 were warm to the touch. That tells me that somethings off. But what is it?
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    Need a good source for budget hardware to mount solar panels to roof

    I got 5 used 4'x10' solar panels for a song on Craigslist. I want to build a simple frame over my deck and mount them up there (I don't trust myself to mount them correctly on my 100 year house's roof). I want to find a budget option for the hardware needed to keep them up on the frame. I've...
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    Turning the vinyl liner into a speaker for underwater sound.. what adhesive?

    I want to hear music under water. I'm an audio engineer and I've used transducers to make plate reverbs before. These are basically speakers that instead of having a cone they attach to a surface and then vibrate that surface. In this case I want to attach the transducer to the liner on my AGP...
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    What SWG should I get for my intex 15x48?

    The pool is still in the box and will be set up in about a month and run until the end of September/Early october. Here's the pump it came with...
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    Foam? Sand? Gorilla Pad? What do I need to put under my pool and what is optional?

    I am prepping the ground for my 16x49 Intex graphite pool and doing my research. I see lots of talk about foam and sand and gorilla pads. What do I actually need under the pool and what is just for feel? Are there other things I am missing? I am leveling the ground myself. I was going to get...
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    Can I mount my 4x10' Solar Panels horizontally along my fence?

    My fence faces south. I was wondering if I could mount my solar heater panels in a row along the 6 foot tall south facing fence. They would not be able to be placed side by side where the tops and bottom pipes would connect because the fence will not be at least 10 feet tall. They would be...
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    What's the cheapest way I can mount 5 4x10 solar panels to my roof?

    I bought 5 4x10 Aquatherm panels used on craigslist for my above ground pool. They've been sitting on the ground all summer and have been doing fine for my 3000 gallon intex above ground. They only get about 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. But the roof get's far more direct sunlight. The...