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    Scale on pebbletec

    Well unfortunately I was out of town when I had my pebble tec blasted so didn't get any before and after pictures. The work was done and the pool looks amazing. I would highly recommend anyone who is in Tucson to use these guys to clean the calcium around your pool. They did great cleaning...
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    Need advice on pool cleaner

    One of the main drains is not pulling as good as the other one, but there are two drains. I get the same flow to the in floor just only one drain is sucking and the other is minimal. I have a buddy with scuba gear who is going to dive down and take the cover off so we can check it out. most...
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    Need advice on pool cleaner

    I am looking at adding a suction side pool cleaner, like a Kreepy to my system. I have in floor cleaner but very unhappy with it. Lately it just stirs up the debris and never gets collected by the system. Just settles in a different part of the pool. My neighbor uses both in floor cleaner...
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    New Island Build

    Nice I'd be very curious to see your design, foundation and all as I would love to build my own as well. It's pretty common out here to make them out of concrete block and to stucco over the block.
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    white flakes

    I'm currently trying to fix the same problem. I have an 18,000 gallon pool with hot tub. I had major calcium scale around the water line of the pool and from the spa spill over feature. I just had the scale removed professionally by guys who blast it off using a non-abrasive type crystal...
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    Scale on pebbletec

    Well my solution was to reduce PH, kept it in the 7.2 - 7.6 range and scale has been slowly falling off. The trick is to check often which I have been bad at doing because life can get in the way. But the lower you can keep it the better. I did find a guy that can do blasting of calcium...
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    Aqua Rite ppm and g/l display

    Thank you that did the trick! Wow wish they would have put that little set of commands into the user manual. Wouldn't have thought about that in a million years! Eric
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    Aqua Rite ppm and g/l display

    Hey, I got that part down, just that it will show only in grams/liter and I want to switch it back to the ppm display. Can't figure out how it got switched in the first place.
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    Aqua Rite ppm and g/l display

    I have a question that I cannot seem to find in the owners manual. For some reason my display now shows the metric equivalent for the salt level. I don't know how I did it but cannot figure out how to get it back. Need to know how to change it back to read ppm. This only has two controls...
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    Scale on pebbletec

    Thanks Dave, so far I've done about a 3:1 ratio of water to acid with little success. I will spray it on and it does fizz a little but doesn't really remove any of the white. I might try a higher solution as I didn't look to see the strength of my acid but it's the standard muratic acid by the...
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    Scale on pebbletec

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone can help me with a pool cleaning issue. I haven't cleaned around the pool since it was actually built but I must have been neglecting the pool as it was never this bad before. I have the ugly white ring around the pool and the hot tub which is a calcium build...
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    Patio Crack

    Well the reason I want to have it inspected is because the builder is still liable to fix the patio. Here in AZ you have by law six years after construction of a home to get things fixed that are building defects. Right now the builder has been very unresponsive in fixing it and a few other...
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    Patio Crack

    This patio was poured 2 1/2 years ago. So it's been a lot longer than a couple months. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and have the slap inspected just to play it on the safe side.
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    Patio Crack

    Thanks for the input. I'm getting most concerned about the cracks showing up at the end where it splits to three cracks. Thats new and it seems the crack on that end of the patio keeps getting bigger. It started as a hairline crack and has gotten just a tad bigger till you can almost get a...
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    DLSDO- Pool build

    One quick comment, are you going to leave your plumbing unpainted? You might want to put a nice coat of paint on them. This will prevent them from getting damage due to UV light, which makes them brittle. You don't need anything fancy just some good Krylon thats for plastic, pick any color...
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    Patio Crack

    I know this isn't necessarily pool related but very similar. I have a patio that has a crack in it. I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to give me their opinion on how it should be fixed. My house is only just over 2 years old. This crack appeared only a month after they poured the patio...
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    replaced cool deck / acid wash & tile clean

    Wow that sounds like some very bad work. Is this person a licensed contractor? If so this is what I'd recommend you do: 1. Call and tell them if they don't fix it that you'll file a complaint with the AZ Registrar of Contractors (ROC). 2. Look up the companies history with the ROC...
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    Mindy's pool is done

    Wow looking nice, it's always great feeling to see that pool fill up with water. Then of course when you turn your equipment on for the first time, very exciting. Probably a bit late in the season to take a dip. I know here in southern Tucson the pool water is in the low 50's. Not bad...
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    My Big Adventure!

    Looking good there. One word of advice if your builder is going slow could be one of two reasons, he's really good and very busy. The alternative is they are struggling financially and hurting to get pools finished. Be sure to call frequently and try to get them to stick to a schedule...
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    Looking for generic Lien Waiver

    This varies from state to state so it could be that your state you don't need to worry about lien wavers. I know how it works in both CA and AZ and they are both very different. In CA anyone who does work on your property can put whats called a Mechanics Lien on your property even if they are...
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    Mindy's pool is done

    Wow thats looks great! Must either have a huge family or do a lot of entertaining, that is by far the largest seating area for an outdoor kitchen I have ever seen. Looks like you will have one resort quality backyard in no time. Eric
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    vapool's build

    Wow yeah that is looking very nice. My pool was done in January and I don't care what other people said I was going to get in. Wow I tell you it's not bad breaking in the pool when the water is 55 degrees. Your water should be warmer and I'm sure it's feeling like you will be done almost any...
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    Mindy's pool is done

    Wow that looks great. I'm curious as to which builder you choose to go with as I'm in AZ as well. I wish I had found these forums before I built my pool to get more ideas. I think a beach entry looks awesome and I'm sure my dogs would have gotten a kick out of it. We have a large swim step...
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    Natural Rock Sealant with SWCG

    I have a salt water system with natural rock waterfall. I have no problems with any deterioration so far and it's been up and running now for over six months. I don't even have any salt residue on the rocks. I'm not sure what kind of rocks they are, but it's been very nice so far. No sealant...
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    Stupid waterfall question

    The trick with a waterfall into the pool is making sure it has a suitable base so that the water goes back into the pool instead of into the yard. Natural rock is perfect for pools as long as it won't break up due to the amount of water pouring over it. Might want to ask your builder about...
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    Spillover spa - Is it possible

    Well aside from winterizing, which I'm not familiar with being in AZ. It is very possible to share equipment with a spillover spa and pool, in fact your spa doesn't have to be spill over to share equipment. The only advantage of the spill over is that in case you turn the valves wrong you...