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    Do quality water bags exist?

    Looks like i'll be saving up chlorine jugs for next year. I had a few set aside, but not nearly enough for this year.
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    Do quality water bags exist?

    I don't need them to last year after year, I"m just sick of 1/2 the bags leaking when I go to fill them up.
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    Do quality water bags exist?

    I'm getting sick of going to close the pool with a whole new batch of water bags and having 1/2 of them leak out of the box. I was getting them at Ocean State Joblot. This year I got them at Leslie's this year and the closures are nicer, but still half of them leaked. I'm about ready to just...
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    Vacation what to do with pool?

    i was just gone for six days and did 3 tabs in my pool with a solar cover. I put the floater under the cover in the deep end in front of a return because I wasn't sure how much it would move under the cover. Brought the pool up to the high end of the recommended level for my CYA before I left...
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    Had family watch after the pool - it didn't die!

    I was gone for 5 days. I had the solar cover on the pool + a floater with some pucks in it. Came back to a clear pool with some chlorine still in it. My brother was pet sitting for me, but I think he only swam once since the weather was cool. As long as your CYA isn't too high pucks are OK...
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    How much water do you lose per week?

    I'm up several inches this week :P
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    High CYA using pucks

    At the bottom of the pool math page there is a spot to see what happens if you add different things to the pool. If you know his pool volume you can see what those pucks are doing.
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    What's your pool cleaners name?

    Marvin II My other half suggested Martin but I misheard it as Marvin (the peranoid android) and it stuck.
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    This. I also make sure the pump is off when my robot is running as per the manual for my previous robot.
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    In floor cleaning? Worth the money?

    I'm happy with robots. With a suction size cleaner all the gunk that gets sucked up goes somewhere else in the system. I have a lot of fine debris from pollen and the like over the summer. I find it easier to clean out the robot's filter then to clean out my cartridge filter. I run it once a...
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    New pool owner of a house that was foreclosed - figuring out the puzzle :)

    I compost all the organic matter I take out of the pool. I put it in a trash can and its usually a few days before I put it in the bin.
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    How long for water to warm up?

    Mine went from 72 to 78 in past two days. I cover at night and take it off during the day. NC should be even hotter than where I live.
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    I've been using them after opening to raise my CYA for the past couple of years because the prior owner left me a giant tub of them. I use the pool math app to tell me how many I need to add to get my CYA up to where it should be.
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    My pool will be closed for about a month.

    If you've been thinking about getting a robot you might want to go for it now. It will help filter the water some and help circulate it. Unless people think the debris from the construction would be bad for the robot?
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    New Pool owner opening for first time

    I've never pumped water out of my pool when opening it. I do pump water off the cover, but not the pool. If you're so inclined you can pump the water off the cover into the pool, but I prefer to keep the dirty cover water out of my hopefully clear pool water. I follow the steps from pool...
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    Is there a bleach shortage?

    Ocean State Joblot in the north east has 12.5% liquid pool shock for $3 a gallon, so that is what I always use. Once summer starts up the turnover gets pretty good and its not to hard to find younger bottles.
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    Dolphin active 20/Proteus-DX3 Cleaning walls?

    I appreciate the double check :).
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    Dolphin active 20/Proteus-DX3 Cleaning walls?

    The pump motor is working, but the drive motor keeps turning off. We took it apart and couldn't find anything obvious jamming things up. I think it was new in 2008, so I'm not feeling up for putting much money into it.
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    Dolphin active 20/Proteus-DX3 Cleaning walls?

    Did some more digging and dispite what the comparison chart said the Proteus DX3 is not the same as the active 20. Dohney's Discovery is the same and only slightly more then the Proteus DX3, so we'll probably get that instead.
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    Aquabot breeze 4wd dead

    Tough call. You could look for a used power supply on ebay, or keep an eye out on craigslist for a machine posted for parts.
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    Dolphin active 20/Proteus-DX3 Cleaning walls?

    I was just wondering if this robot would really do a good job on the walls since it doesn't have the floaty handle thing on it? Rambling backstory.... The old aquabot turbo I got used last year seems to have died. IT runs for a few seconds then stops, guy at the pool store said its probably...
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    Extra clean (UV?) pools in the Boston, MA area

    I don't know a lot about the frame pools, but Ocean State Joblot has some crazy deals on an Intex frame pool, and some other brand I've never heard of. Crazy Deals | Ocean State Job Lot
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    What kind of Skimmer Sock do you use?

    I have some skimmer socks and I just got some hairnets in the mail. I also use nylons when I have a pair that needs to be thrown out due to runs, but I don't wear them often enough to have a steady supply. I have a hard time getting the skimmer socks free of the pollen and fluffy milkweed like...
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    Pool liner

    I want to hear the answer on this as well. My liner is rough looking, but no leaks. I think its a similar age, but I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm inclined to let it go until it starts leaking.
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    How about the weather in the Northeast finally cooperating????

    Mine was up to 70 that week we had a heatwave, and now its back down to 64. :'(
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    Pond or Pool

    I would try opening earlier. Keep an eye on your water temps too. This spring was a little weird here, my temps actually got up over 60 in early may and have now dropped back into the 50s from our recent cold snap.
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    Getting started in CT

    I go to Ocean State for my Chlorine too. You need to look for the liquid pool shock (A.K.A. 12.5% liquid chlorine) Its usually stacked up in boxes in the open area just outside where they have the pool supplies.
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    Aquabot Won't Climb Walls

    Treads: DSC_1710 by bigevilgrape, on Flickr Brushes: DSC_1713 by bigevilgrape, on Flickr
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    Adults, After the Newness Wears Off, How do you use your Pool?

    I have a shorter season, and I think that it helps with the pool use. I was ready to close last october, and then I was chomping on the bit to open at the beginning of may.There are two of us in our 30s with no kids. I do let my dad's dog come over sometime to swim :P I am a water baby, and...
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    Adults, After the Newness Wears Off, How do you use your Pool?

    And the women's suits wear out so much faster then board shorts :'( I wear a lot of two piece suits at home because they are easier to change in and out of and dry faster.