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    Ready for Pebble Tec!!

    Finally ready for pebble tec application in the morning! 8 weeks and the day has finally arrived. Going with Tahoe Blue pebble tec everywhere except the sun shelf, which will be Sandy Beach. Can't wait to swim in a few days.
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    Channel Drain covered in shotcrete?

    When the contractor's shot the pool they covered the channel drain with shotcrete. You can see the outline of the drain, but it is completely covered. Is this normal? Also if you have an in floor cleaning system(PV3), do you need wall returns as well? Pictures posted soon.
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    Failed 1st County Inspection

    Hello everyone, new to the forum and this is my first post. Settled on a PB, a design, excavation completed, rebar and initial plumb complete. The county inspector came early this morning and flagged our pool as failing due to inadequate plumb pressure. A little concerned as this is our first...