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    Pentair pool light flips gfci instantly

    Pentair pool light flips gfci instantly in spite of changing breakers.No moisture inside fitting. If I wire it directly and bypass the gfci it will stay lit. Main breaker is rated 25 A as is also the gfci.What couldbe the problem?
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    how long can tabs be used without having to refill pool due to high CYA?

    I had been using liquid chlorine but as my local HD was out of it I started using trichlor tabs which I had bought for when I go away. My CYA was 45 but went to 70 after only 7 tabs had been dissolved. I still have over 50 unused tabs and would like to use them for the convenience but do not...
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    Leak from pvc screw in on top of pump

    I had to replace sections of pipe but I now have a leak from the connector screw in to the top of pump. During the repait I had to turn the elbow it was connected to by about 45 deg out, ie anti CW, and then back again to its original position. Fortunately part of my repair included a...
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    How much Seaklear should it take before a reduction in phosphates is seen

    This product did not seem to change Phosphate level much. Level was at 500ppb initially before adding 2oz SeaKlear. 3 days later it was about the same. I then added a further 8 oz and a week later phosphate level went to between 300-500., which level was tested by myself using the phosphate test...
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    TDS rose rapidly

    I drained and refilled my pool in May 2017 and the TDS tested at 1700. However by September it had risen to 4000. I had been adding 4 gall of acid 31% every month at the rate of 16 oz day, to control high ph. Is it possible that the acid has been etching out minerals etc from the pebbeltec to...
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    Rapidly dropping alkalinity and 13# Baking Soda only raises it by 10ppm

    A couple of weeks ago my alkalinity was at 90, and when I tested it a week later it had dropped to 20. I put in 6 lbs of baking soda which raised it to 30, followed by another 3.5 lbs which brought the TA to 50. The next day I put 13.5 lbs in and when I tested the next morning the TA had only...
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    Does Saltwater CL Generator use electricity when terminals are not connected to cell?

    Sorry if this is a silly question but I have given up on using my salt cell and disconnected the wires from the actual cell. However the control panel is still connected to the pool pump when the pump is running. so that the terminals still generate 12V. Would that still use as much electricity...
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    TDS of 3700 after changing water

    I just changed my pool water 2 weeks ago because the CA had reached 1000ppm. I just took a sample of the water into Leslies for testing and they reported that the CA was 200ppm but the TDS reading was 3700 whereas it should have been closer to 350! The only chemicals I added after the complete...