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    First test with TF100, next steps?

    Hello, just got the TF100 kit in and ran the tests, here's what I got: PH 7.5 FC 3.5 CC 0.5 CYA 90 CH 450 TA 210 Water condition, pretty clear, I do see dead algae that get's dusted up when the robot runs by. I am planning on adding DE to the sand filter to help catch these. Is that okay...
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    Automatic Pool cover out of alignment

    Hello, I have a Coverstar automatic pool cover. I have seen some information on adjusting the ropes which I did but the alignment seems to be even worse now. Undoing what I did doesn't seem to help. Opening the cover is about 1 foot off, closing the cover is about 5 inches off. Thx. Edit...
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    Dove into the steep learning curve

    Hello fellow pool owners. I'm learning lots and have more to learn for sure. Already planning to SLAM my pool once the test kit arrives. Hooray. Any who, happy to have found this place. Talk to you soon.
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    17 lbs of Cyanuric acid and still zero reading

    Hello, 7 days ago I added 17 lbs of Clorox Cya pool stabilizer. I have a 27,500 gal Salt Water pool. Goal is 75 ppm. I tested it twice a day and never saw a change in readings. The filter presure is up 3 lbs. What should I do next?