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    Filter, Pump, or Barracuda problem?

    Doesn't make sense that plugged filter cartriges would make the hose from the skimmer to the pump collapse, that can ONLY happen if the restriction is before the pump/hose, a restriction AFTER the pump (like in your filter) may stop the vacuum but would NEVER collapse the hose leading to the...
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    Filter, Pump, or Barracuda problem?

    Tigerflex hose is generally the typical hose used for pools - it can not collapse and is specifically designed for suction side applications - here's a link to what it looks's a "slinky" of plastic (sometimes with a wire in it) molded into flexible (more rubber like) material to create...
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    Above Ground Solar Cover Reel

    you got it Barnyard (tugging cover out a bit before rolling up), as for the bushes, they may cause problems down the road since they somehow seem to be able to detect water through the liner and will likely grow their roots under your pool searching for it.
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    Solar Cover Reels? Anyone make your own? HOW?

    Feherguard Hardware available at your local pool store (sometimes).
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    Filter, Pump, or Barracuda problem?

    1. Don't trust gauges, they normally die every season even if you remove them and put them in storage for the winter. 2. Hose collapsing means that the pump is pulling water fine, BUT that the delivery of water is being obstructed at the skimmer side of the hose or the hose itself is too weak to...
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    Above Ground Solar Cover Reel

    The "hump" is actually a good thing, it will stop your reel from unrolling everything to the ground with one tug if you are in the pool and pulling the cover on to cover it back up (my most common method of closing it for the night). You can get a roll of the feherguard strap that you can cut to...
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    Mat Under Royal Entrance Stairs

    we used the bathtub mat with the suction cups on the backside and never had an issue, I hated those stairs though, always got mold algae outbreaks that started on the far side of the stairs in the dead spot where water didn't like to circulate and if you didn't throw a puck into the stairs...
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    Leave Pool Uncovered Over Winter?

    usually end of September is when I shut everything down and winterize. I live in Ontario, Canada - Similar climate as you in the north east.
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    Leave Pool Uncovered Over Winter?

    I do not recommend letting a leaf net freeze into the ice - it will get killed very quickly. I never cover my pool, matter of fact, I think a cover under certain circumstances creates more damage/problems. The water freezes no matter what, really, all a cover does is keep Crud out of your pool...
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    Draining Rain Water

    Also have the 1" hole, but with a 30 foot round pool it still takes huge rain to overflow over the wall, I think mine will blow the skimmer cover right off before that happens since I've found it on the ground several times and I've never seen water go over the wall....and if it I...
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    Solar blanket reel for 30' pool

    mine's custom - 30' 4" diameter aluminum irrigation tube - good luck finding it though!
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    Blasted leaks

    Ahh - well, my kid isn't allowed near it - even more so once the fountain is connected, so it's really just for me to use for moving the return. If he disobeys, he loses the pool for a bit - not something he likes to happen. Easy as that - damage the pool - lose the pool. Do that a couple of...
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    Blasted leaks

    when you grab the A/L and try to turn it, you put pressure on it to grip it - the wall flexes and allows one portion of it to touch the wall (normally the top), if you move it when the wall is flexed you will get the rip/cut. Found that out the hard way too.... Always fixed mine by popping out...
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    Slippery liner

    ok, what's happening is that the water circulating through your pool is "skimming" over the surface of the forming algae on your liner, if you brush your liner to mix this thin layer into your water, then take a reading a few hours later, you will see your numbers reflect the presence of algae...
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    Round or Oval, which did you pick and why?

    We chose round due to a number of reasons: 1. Space - for us - it was not an issue so we went with a 30 foot round - allows laps like in a 15x30 or 16x32. 2. Gives your kids a HUGE pool to play in in comparison to oval. 3. EVERY oval pool I have ever seen starts to bow out along the straight...
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    need advice brand new liner trouble

    usually a liner should be able to stretch that amount, however, maybe it was already really stretched at that point.... Definitely going to need to drain the pool for the most part, sometimes you can get enough material by draining it to the floor and working material over to that side from...
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    ABG with deep end?

    most Oval AG Pools can have a deep end up to 6' - check with the individual manufacturers. Generally, the newer style buttress free pools are harder to do this to because of the band that ties the side walls together - it normally runs at ground level under your liner/sand so you can see how...
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    thinking of getting rid of my pool...

    Hey Waste - good to see ya - yeah - been a while - life gets busy sometimes! we're not planning on losing the pool any time soon - just thought it was an appropriate title seeing the kids had more fun in the floodwaters than in the pool on a poolparty weekend :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen...
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    thinking of getting rid of my pool...

    Funny thing is - the kids DID rinse off in the pool, which reminds me, I should probably add some chlorine. The "ramp" on the end is actually my solar panels, however, my kid races motocross and we have a small practice track through our property, he's begged me several times now to raise the...
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    Need some AGP deck advice

    first question...are in an area susceptible to frost?
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    thinking of getting rid of my pool...

    Hey guys! Been contemplating this of late, seems like my pool is getting used less and less so I may just get rid of it... Here's a couple of pics of it: BTW - just kidding!
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    Post a picture of yourself

    OK, I'll play - here's one of me (my better side) and one of our 11 year old (today) who is the reason we have a pool in the first place....
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    Solar cover help?

    sounds like you really need a leaf cover (net type) and it'll make removal easy, however you should be doing that every second day to get them off before they decompose. Leaf blower on a 30 foot pool would be near impossibe to do.
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    I run the filter on backwash and rinse right before I take the top off the filter, then I do the chlorine...i think filter cleaner is just another overpriced product you can do without.
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    I think that's all just pool store sales talk. Every fall when I winterize my pool, I take the valve off my filter drain the water down in it to the top of the Zeobrite and dump a couple of liters of bleach into the top, stir it around with a rod through the zeobrite and let is sit for a good...
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    Solar Heater installation on a rack instructions?

    Here's my rack, I replaced my deck on the house last year and repurposed all the lumber to build the rack for the panels. If you live in cold climate, I recommend that you don't hard plumb everything, for ease of winterization, I ran tigerflex between my pump and the panels, this allows me to...
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    Oldest AG Pool?

    Not even gonna say how old mine is - let's just say it's still in diapers compared to the rest of them here...I'm thoroughly impressed at the ages AG pools can attain.
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    Pool pipe = doggie chew toy?

    My neighbour's dog SHREDDED my lines going to my solar panels on day - in an unrelated story - he's dead now.
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    Mote around pool!

    I just dug a trench around the side of the pool with the adjoining hill and put some 4" perforated big-o (sock covered) into the trench then backfilled with gravel - this runs out into the yard.
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    AG cover removal

    If you have space, you can permanently mount the reel off the end of the pool, one man operation is easily possible - mine on a 30 foot round takes me maybe 1.5 - 2 minutes to roll up NICELY, or 15 seconds all bunched up. You can use the design I came up with across the center of your pool too -...