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  1. J

    Hayward Variable Pump Randomly Trips Breaker

    about once a month my pump randomly trips the breaker. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting?
  2. J

    Hayward Turbocell T-Cell-9 does not appear to be working correctly

    I have a Hayward turbocell t-cell-9, less than 1 year old, worked perfect last summer. I would run it at 40% to hold my chlorine levels. This year, it doesnt seem to be holding at 40%, and may not even be producing cholorine. I seem to be losing about 1/2 a PPM per day, and am currently...
  3. J

    pH constantly increasing with SWG

    I switched my pool to a SWG about 2 months ago, and I find my pH constantly hovering around 8.0. I have to add about half a gallon of Home Depot Muriatic Acid about every 2 weeks to get it down to around 7.6. I have gone through 2 gallons in about 2 months now. 21,000 gallon pool. Any ideas...