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    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Belt Came off - New!

    Has anyone had an issue with one of the belts coming off the track on a newer CC Plus? Just bought this Summer found it very strange one of the belts seemed to have dislodged and popped off the bearing of the front wheel. Found it strange as the unit was just purchased this summer. Think maybe...
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    Leaving for Vacation for 2 Weeks

    Hi folks, still somewhat of a pool newbie! Have been using the BBB method and love it! Quick question for all you expert's! Located in the North East so it's still in averaging in the mid 60's every day, low 70's very occasionally. I will be headed out of town for a few weeks, gone for...
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    First Time Adding CYA

    So I'm trying the sock method as everyone recommend, however, it seems to be coming out of the socks at a fairly decent rate, is this normal? Placed in front of return jet (the pool has a Aqua Genie).
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    New Pool Owner, Top Step Yellowish

    Hi everyone, new pool owner here. Had to replace the vinyl liner recently, refilled the pool with hose water. Everything appears to be good with water chemistry however my top (and only top) step seems to be yellow. Any help on how to clear this up would be greatly appreciated! See attached...