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    Do I really need to cover pool for winter? Advice please

    Just dip the leaves/junk out and make sure your equipment is either running or drained so it doesnt freeze. I left mine open last year, and intend to leave it open this year because I like looking at it.
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    Determining heat pump size

    Measure the wire, and if it is 8 gauge or thicker, should be ok. Swap the breaker out yourself for $10. Buy the heater off Amazon, spend a couple hundred bucks in miscellaneous plumbing and electrical stuff, and save yourself a few thousand bucks. Seriously, there is nothing difficult about...
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    Gas heater vs heat pump--which one do I pick????

    I have a 330k BTU natural gas heater and Pentair automation. I set it at 90 degrees in early April. It is still set at 90 degrees. Yesterday morning was cool...low 60s, I went for a run, then got in the pool at 6:30am and it was wonderful. I intend to turn off the heater in early November. Not...
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    Pool water is above skimmer line

    I keep our water level at the top of the skimmer opening, only about 3" of liner shows above the water line. The only drawback is that surface debris (leaves, grass) aren't sucked into the skimmer as efficiently, but I am ok with that.
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    For those of you with grass at or close proximity to pool edge ---

    I look forward to having this problem. Currently, I just have dirt and straw getting in the pool. Once my grass starts growing, then it will be clippings. I was looking on Amazon at reel mowers. They are not very expensive, and seem like a good way to trim up near the pool. A normal mower just...
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    Our $100-ish fountain

    I bought three adjustable brass nozzles from Amazon for about $10 each, and used a Pentair valve, plus some PVC/glue for our fountain. We leave it off most of the time, but if we have people over, I just turn the valve on. The water noise is loud if it is early morning and just out there by...
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    Pics of handrail location

    We went with a slightly more modern looking hand rail
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    How to select and run program 2/2 in EasyTouch?

    Joe3...I think you are just going to have to adjust programs throughout the year. I have been messing with mine the past few days trying to decide when I want things to happen, and figure I will adjust schedules as-needed. I look at it this way...if my wife wants me to do something around the...
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    Pool heating plan/strategy

    Thx. That was sort of my reasoning for waiting until water temp can get up to 70 naturally, then i can heat it 10-15 degrees to get into the 80s. I was thinking kind of philosophically for those that have heaters as to when people like to turn them on and get their swim seasons started. It is...
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    Pool heating plan/strategy idea how this turned into a sticky, please move it where it needs to be, thx
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    Pool heating plan/strategy

    I realize that most people do not try to heat 40 degree water up to 85 so they can swim in the winter. What is your heating plan/strategy? Im wondering where the main expense in heating is...I am going to assume that the initial heating (so bumping the water temp from 60 to 80) is the most...
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    Which size of Natural Gas Pool Heater?

    I went with the 336K BTU Raypak heater. A 3/4" gas line was fine for the 336k, but for the 406K, I think it really required 1". I ran it for about 5 minutes, and with the water about 66 degrees, that warm water coming out the jets felt GOOD. I have not otherwise tried to heat the pool. Didnt...
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    Keeping a cover/net lifted

    Go to Wal-Mart and in the toy section, there is always a huge wire bin full of inflated balls. We have several beach ball sized rubber balls. They appear virtually least, my boys and the dog haven't been able to destroy them. Or you could order the therapy or exercise balls...
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    What if I just don't cover my pool this winter?

    I live in Middle TN, so fairly mild winters. Occasionally get a little snow, and Jan/Feb have some awfully chilly weather (below freezing many nights). My family is highly active, we are outside all the time playing sports..3 boys and a golden retriever mix, and have a nice covered patio...I...
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    GFCI Double Pole breaker and dual speed 220V motor

    Yeah, Im running 8 gauge from the main panel and a 50A breaker to my EasyTouch. Thanks. I am an EE, and in the microelectronics world, leaving stuff "floating" is usually a good way to let the smoke out. :)
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    GFCI Double Pole breaker and dual speed 220V motor

    Correct, which is why it seems odd that I am going to leave the neutral post on the breaker empty. Have not tied into main panel yet, so can't test it.
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    GFCI Double Pole breaker and dual speed 220V motor

    Pentair Whisperflo dual speed 220V motor has three connections...Load 1, High Speed, Low Speed. The High/Low speed lines come from the Pentair two speed motor relay. The Load 1 comes from the Filter/Pump relay in my EasyTouch. There seems to be no connection for a neutral. The Siemens 20A GFCI...
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    Bonding Loop Question I ran my #8 copper in a loop around my pool. I have four attachment points to the rebar using a clamp like I linked to above. Separately, I have four attachment points to my pool walls, each using a...
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    ~ Rusted Galvanized Gas Pipe Replacement ~

    In general, gas line that is buried has to be welded pipe, no joints. Depends on where that pipe is headed, but I vote that you call a gas company and have them cut the end off, weld on the new stub, and/or replace the entire line depending on how it looks as you dig further.
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    Bonding Loop Question

    Do what the inspector says, and then go inside and LOL at him/her. The reality is that 42" tall steel walls with steel anchors act as a far better "grounding rod" than a cute little piece of rebar driven into the earth. That is why there is no need to actually ground the bonding wire. It is...
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    DIY Build- Need Low Voltage Light Suggestions

    I bought a kit on Amazon that had three Tree lights and the transformer, link below. I am using a Pentair EasyTouch for automation, and will be driving the lights from that box, so they will automatically turn on/off based on whatever I set the timer to be. : S.R. Smith...
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    DIY Build- Need Low Voltage Light Suggestions

    I bought three of the SR Smith LEDs, although they are not installed yet, so I am not able to give you any advice about how bright they are.
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    Pentair EasyTouch knockouts were all dead on. They came out fine. One would think that after managing to get to this point in the DIY install, that knockouts would have been simple...and, well, they were. I give myself a partial pass, it was 6am this morning when I was looking at it, and I was in a hurry to...
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    Pentair EasyTouch knockouts

    LOL...I know, but when it is my shiny new $800 box, kinda hesitant to just give it a whack...give me gentle tap outs any day...
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    Pentair EasyTouch knockouts

    LOL...well, I will give it a shot. It is possible that the stamping has distorted the metal enough that it is significantly thinner, just didnt look like I expected. Seems like most knockouts are perforated in some form/fashion, although I can see why these would not be since it is weather rated...
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    Pentair EasyTouch knockouts

    The "knockouts" are just stamped metal in the bottom of the panel, roughly a dozen or so. There is no way to actually knock them out, mine are nothing more than stamped circles best I can tell. They are the correct size, shape, and quantity. Same with the gfci outlet on the bottom righthand...
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    Pentair EasyTouch knockouts

    I assume that knockouts is a generic term, and I actually need a hole saw? Doesnt seem to be any way to "knock out".
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    Pool rookie needing automation advice

    I bought the Pentair EasyTouch for a couple of reasons. 1. Power distribution - I wanted as few items as possible hanging off the house. 240V to the EasyTouch, and then distribute 120V from there. It is logistically simple. 2. Control pump on a timer, 120V 3. Control transformer/lights on a...
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    Pentair EasyTouch wiring question

    Thanks. The EasyTouch manual provides conflicting information. My assumption, and the reason I bought it, was to treat it as it's own sub-panel, exactly as you stated. The manual states in one place to run wire directly from the main box confirming that, however, in another place says that there...
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    Pentair EasyTouch wiring question

    I have a Pentair EasyTouch. This will drive a 2-speed Pentair Dynamo pump, a transformer for 12V LED pool lights, a 120V outlet, and in the fall will be adding gas heater. Two questions: 1. I am planning on running the 240V wire from the main panel in my garage, through my attic (about 65')...