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    New build- Baytown, TX

    Was just wondering if your pool equipment is on a concrete/plastic/fiberglass slab or directly on the dirt/ground?
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    New Build - Depth Opinions

    I have 16' x 34' freeform(kidney) pool that is 4' - 6" deep. I should have gone deeper, due to living in the Houston, Texas area. Water warms up in the summer.
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    Pool Build in Baytown, Texas. Portable Shower by Pool Question

    Would love to have a half bath by the pool, but my plumbing is locating in the front of my home.
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    Pool Build in Baytown, Texas. Portable Shower by Pool Question

    Thanks, dumb me, forgot to search first.
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    Pool Build in Baytown, Texas. Portable Shower by Pool Question

    My pool build started on May 06, 2015. Pool Builder stated plaster is schedule for Monday, June 13, 2016. Has anyone or does anyone have a portable outdoor shower by the pool area?
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    A Houston Pool Build Inside the Loop

    In accordance with definition found in TFP: "Pool Salt Sodium Chloride, used for Salt Water Chlorine Generators. It usually has a smaller crystal size than water softener solar salt and costs about twice as much. Ordinary water softener solar salt or pellets that have a purity of at least...
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    New Home Build....New Pool Build in Fulshear, TX

    Such a pretty kitten.:D
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    Pool Install References?

    Before I signed anything, my pool builder was willing to give me the information on his last 2 builds. Just ask for his last few pool builds.
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    New liner project

    You can load your pics into Photobucket and then copy and paste the IMG code into your text.
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    Volleyball Pool?

    In my humble opinion, I would need a longer than 34 foot pool for a proper dive pool. The slope from the shallow to deep end would be to great for a 34 foot pool. Most diving pools are at least 8 feet deep. It would cost more money for a longer and deeper pool.
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    Volleyball Pool?

    I am currently having a pool built. My pool builder try to sell me a sports pool. I decided on a conventional pool, shallow end is 4 feet and the deep end will be 6 feet. I wish I could afford a diving pool, but just didn't have the budget for that style pool.