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    Pre-Cast Plunge Pools for Above Ground Use

    Google "fiberglass pool out of ground"...seem to be plenty of people that have fiberglass shells that are partially or fully out of the ground, and have built some sort of pretty wall to hide the pool walls. Foundation, fiberglass tub, pretty wall(s)...seems like that would be a much more...
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    Unsure of Which Pool Type is Best for Us

    Just going out on a limb here, but I would imagine that most people with a $100k budget will go with some form of gunite or shotcrete. I would have, for sure. And for what it is worth, our community pool has traditional white plaster, and it is not rough at all. Very smooth, feels great. Same...
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    Baja Shelf Depth

    Ours is about 16" and it is perfect for a $20, resin Adirondack chair. The armrests make a great spot to hold a drink, set a book, or whatever. Plus, you can cram two of these into the space of one lounge chair....more seating for more people. I absolutely love pictures of lounge chairs in a...
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    The economics of a pool decision.

    Let's face it, you bought the house three years ago and it had the pool, presumably in poor shape. You should know far better than any of us how that may (or may not) have impacted your decision to buy the house. The pool looks better now than it did, and IMO, looks very nice and clean from that...
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    Railing or no railing?

    Handrails and ladders are easily removable, so there is really no reason not to at least get the mounts installed. I bought a modern, cool looking handrail off Amazon and I love how it looks so much that I never ended up removing it.
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    New Pool Build in NJ

    I started ours in late May and finished early October. I think I would have been better off to start in late January or early February...after the holidays and way before it gets to be hot...95 degrees mid-summer with humidity and mosquitos and bugs in middle TN is pretty uncomfortable.
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    Vinyl-covered step design help

    I really haven't worried about it...they are just the inexpensive resin adirondack chairs sold pretty much anywhere, and the bottoms are pretty smooth. I dont slide them around, just set it in there and sit down. While I have no way to measure it, I feel like kids jumping and running on the...
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    Vinyl-covered step design help

    I absolutely love the decisions we made. Our second step/ledge is the most popular hangout spot in our pool, perfect depth to sit and be mostly in the water. When we have friends over, the adults are all lounging on the step/ledge. I put my adirondack chair in there, faced towards the...
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    DIY - Poolwarehouse build

    Gravel is self-compacting, which is one important reason to use it for backfill. The second is that gravel does not really "push" laterally on least, not like damp dirt. Your walls are bolted together, bolted to the brace, and the concrete collar locks in the entire base of the...
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    Block pool with stone wall-how to finish

    Truck bed spray-in liner. Look up LineX..they have a version that is suitable for potable water that is used to line/seal water towers.
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    DIY Cinderblock Pool with vinyl liner questions

    The gaskets go on the fittings. A hole is a hole is a hole, no matter if it is through steel or concrete or wood. If I had to guess, the best way to secure the coping track would be to make sure you have a smooth finish on the top row of blocks. I assume you will fill the blocks with either...
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    DIY Vinyl IGP in 7 days?

    Maybe, it depends on how much help you get, and if it rains. I would think that it might be possible to get the walls up, liner hung, and water in the pool in a week. And then over the course of the next few weeks work on electric, plumbing, pass those inspections, then backfill and do your decking.
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    Liner replacement

    We kept the vacuum on my pool for around 72 hours before turning it off. We have pretty low flow rate out of our hose, so it took a while.
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    Starting build - heater or no heater?

    I love my natural gas heater. I set it at 90 in early April and plan to turn it off in November. It cost about $200 for gas in April, around $100 in May, around $100 in June. No idea what July costs are yet, but dont really care. I like warm water and our pool is our happy place.
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    Deck Jets

    I did something similar. I bought three nozzles off Amazon for around $10 each, roughly $50 worth of PVC and glue, and $35ish for a pentair valve.
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    Looking for a deeper turquoise (NOT blue) water color. Liner?? HELP??

    We have a Stone Brook liner from GLI, no border. I did not want windex blue, nor did I want green...I wanted something in-between. Not surprisingly, the color changes throughout the day and with weather (sun vs clouds), and I love our choice. On a beautiful sunny day, it is a gorgeous color...
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    Any chance you have a couple pics to show? I assume this was a kit, so the liner and walls were all ordered as a package? We hung our liner in October, and it was warm, but definitely not hot. We laid the liner out and let it warm up for a while to get a little more stretchy and workable.
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    Decking Finish Options

    I love ours.
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    Iowa DYI In-ground Vinyl Pool Build

    It could also be in your skimmer and/or skimmer line.
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    New Member and New Pool Ideas

    Oh, and the general consensus in this forum tends to lean towards getting a robot cleaner rather than a system that uses the pool plumbing.
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    New Member and New Pool Ideas

    I like a warm pool, and our natural gas heater has been running since early April and set to 90 degrees, middle TN. Cost was about $250 in April, and $125 in May. Im going out on a limb that it will be less for June. The initial heating was the most costly, but maintaining the heat has been far...
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    First Build. Am I crazy?

    LineX, a truck bedliner product, is also used to coat potable water containers. This looks like a great setup for a spray in rubberized coating.
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    12 x 25 too small?

    It is more fun to swim in a small pool than it is to sit inside playing video games. If that is what fits in your yard, then take it and run with it. Smaller pools are easier to heat/cool, and in your area, might get year-round use out of it. Our pool is not huge, but works for us. We are also...
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    Poured in place coping question

    Tough call. I think that 99% of the people that swim in your pool will never notice anything. Those of us that have been through a build and have an eye for detail will notice it. The biggest issue I have is where it looks like they had duct tape or something and it is imprinted in your...
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    DIY solar install complete

    Jimmy, that looks great! I plan to do the same at some point. We have a raypak NG heater also, which I love, but that "free" solar heat is just so tempting. Nice job, and thanks for the pictures.
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    Zero Energy, Zero chemicals - New Pool (Owner/Builder)

    There is a decent amount of information about "natural" pools that use a variety of sand, gravel, and a large number of water plants to clean the water. They still need some sort of pump though.
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    Ozone water vs Chlorine

    Plus ozone tastes funny :laughblue::unsure:
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    DIY Vinyl IGP - Yes or No? Why?

    We have a pseudo-tanning ledge in ours. Our second step is 48" wide and the water depth is about 16", which is wonderful for us. Perfect for a $20 resin Adirondack chair, great for smaller children, perfect for me to stand and throw the football to our kids. I love vinyl over steps, it looks...
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    Iowa DYI In-ground Vinyl Pool Build

    A cannonball competition for the neighborhood kids will also keep the water moving...:LOL:
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    DIY Vinyl IGP - Yes or No? Why?

    Your yard is begging for a pool. I am in the same boat as for me was a little under $25k. The guy that did the concrete work and the vermiculite floor told me if he bid the job it would have been $50k minimum. So yeah, big savings for us. The worst thing about DIY is that...