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  1. Michelle30276

    Towel storage ideas for outside

    I just added this to my porch this season. I have a dozen towels or so inside mine. It is waterproof, but mine is kept under our covered porch. I also have our sunscreen inside.
  2. Michelle30276

    Poolside Plants

    How about some of the ornamental grasses to hide the equip? Or even a few arborvitae trees in front of it. I’ve got a similar situation. We planted a couple of southern lace hinoki cypress. I am regretting the placement of my equipment now. May end up building some type of attractive fencing...
  3. Michelle30276

    Rust free pool loungers?

    I am in the market for pool lounge chairs. I am not looking to spend more than $100-$150 per chair. Prefer the sling back type that doesn’t require cushions. My main concern is rust. Any recommendations?