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    pH and TA Suddenly very low

    OK...I could leave this open and see if the brains on this board would come up with the solution....but I figured it out! See, I have 2 bottles that are similar (the ones you get from the pool store for water samples). I use one for samples...and recently, I've been using the other 18 oz...
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    pH and TA Suddenly very low

    I added Borates to my pool about 3 weeks ago, and now sit at give or take 50 ppm. I have always had a problem managing the TA in my pool because the fill water has TA in excess of 300. So, for the past year or so, I have always added muriatic acid whenever I top off my pool to first bring pH...
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    High TA Fill water, constant Aeration, and Borates

    I am planning to add Borates in the very near future. My fill water has TA=300, so I am constantly working to keep that down, only to be set back as I top off my pool. Will adding Borates help keep TA down, or just keep pH in check? If I have Borates... 1) and high TA fill, will it be more...
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    Managing TA with high levels in fill water

    Here are my current pool readings: FC 6 CC 0 TC 6 CH 300 TA 70 pH 7.2 (just lowered pH and TA to this level, aerating now back up to 7.6 CYA 60 (recently stopped using trichlor, bringing this down over time with rain and backwash) I have been working for a while to get my TA down, and it's not...
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    Tips on Daily FC testing

    We had the pool built in October, 2007. This is the second summer I've had it. Up until May of this year, I just kept the chlorine feeder full once a week, tested for pH, TA, and Chlorine with the OTO kit. I did not know of the relationship between CYA and the amount of FC needed. Every once...
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    Tips on Daily FC testing

    Once you get to know your pool you will take care of it like Duraleigh does and have NO problems. Heck, compared to how I take care of MY pool Duraleigh is very OCD! :shock: :shock: :hammer: :rockon: ::epds:: (I like smilies too!)
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    Tips on Daily FC testing

    I have the TF100 test kit. My CYA is 60-70, so my target FC is 7-8 ppm. The Taylor Chlorine/pH test kit only reads to 5 ppm. Question, daily usage with the FAS DPD test kit can get expensive when I have to order the refills every couple of months. Is there any other option to verify the FC...
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    Should I reduce CYA?

    My current CYA reading is 60-70. I've started using bleach to chlorinate, but I am also still using tablets at a reduced level. Not yet ready to commit to full manual mode at this time. Here are my questions... Part 1: It looks like manually adding bleach, plus general health issues because...