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    Modify the OTO chlorine test -- will this work?

    I know I should have a better test kit, but I don't right now. I am trying to SLAM my pool, and using the chlorine test that uses 5 drops of the yellow reagent. I thought that I read that you could dilute your pool water with distilled water, 50/50, and then double the result. This makes...
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    bug spray or weed killer in pool -- water is now cloudy

    My water has been perfectly crystal clear. Yesterday, I sprayed Weed-B-Gone on my lawn, and also a lot of Spectracide insecticide. I used a broadcast sprayer hooked up to a garden hose. Later that day and night, and now this morning, my pool is cloudy. Its hard to make out the main drain. I...
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    CYA test mixing bottle

    It is 14 ml to the bottom of the label, and 14 more ml to the top of the label, so 28 ml total. However, any measure that is 50/50 will work -- for example, 10 ml of pool water and 10 ml of reagent will work. You just won't have enough solution to fill the test tube, so this may not work if...
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    Inexpensive CYA test kit

    My bottle does not have a 7 ml mark. It has a label and its 14 ml to the bottom of the label, and 28 ml to the top. But there are no marks on the bottle, at 7 ml or 14 ml.
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    Inexpensive CYA test kit

    Thanks for the quick replies. My question is, how do I make a smaller 50/50 sample? Do I try to make a mark on the mixing bottle at the 7 ml point?
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    Inexpensive CYA test kit

    Just received my CYA test kit. Based on what I put in the pool earlier, I estimated 45 ppm. Test results were 42 ppm. Much better than the wildly variable pool store results I used to get! I though the web site said something about a hint for how to use less reagent. Seems I am adding 14 ml...
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    Inexpensive CYA test kit

    Thanks! I just ordered the CYA kit. Says its good for 16 tests, that should get me to my initial level and then let me test once or twice a month this summer. Shipping is a little high -- $5.25 on a $17 dollar item.
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    Inexpensive CYA test kit

    This loosk perfect for me. I didn't find this in all of my searches. Do you know if the R-0013 reagent is the same as the Taylor reagent sold at Leslie's? This is most likely where I will buy refills.
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    Inexpensive CYA test kit

    Just discovered this board! I've got a 3 year old pool, and learned a ton from the old pool forum. My question concerns testing for CYA. The 3 local pool stores near me give wildly different results, and only occasionally correspond to my calculated number. I want my own CYA test kit. The...