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    Contact Information For HASA?

    Can someone give me a telephone number for Hasa? Had a neighbor taking care of my LQ while on vacation and he broke my incoming float. I went to the Hasa website and the only method of contact listed is email, so I sent one, but have not received a reply and now I can't get the website up as I...
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    Which pump best for use with Liquidator?

    I need to replace my pump and motor. I am considering the Pentair 347990 Opti Flo 1hp 2 speed 115v or the Hayward SP15922S Power Flo Matrix 1HP 2 speed 110V. My sand filter is 2sq ft and the pool is 7700 gal above ground. I am running the Liquidator on it. I have read where the Hayward has a...
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    How to test MPS with TF100

    I use the TF100 for my testing. I have the Nature 2 and use MPS. I have used test strips for the MPS, but would like to start using the TF100. I believe I have seen posts on how to do this, but haven't been able to find them. Can someone tell me how to test MPS with the TF100 or link me to a...
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    Why would a pressure gauge read 0

    My pressure gauge was reading 0, so I assumed it was bad. Bought a new one and changed it out and the new one still reads 0. I am getting sufficient return to run my Polaris 165 pressure side cleaner and there is good flow out of the return. When I replaced the gauge I cut the pump off...
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    Refilling Liquidator

    OK, I am finally installing my Liquidator and have an operating question. When I get hooked up I want to give it a test run by putting in a gallon of bleach and running it for 24 hours. I assume it will fill up with water. When i get ready to fill it with bleach as I pour the bleach in how do...
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    Best check valve for Liquidator

    So, I have a used Liquidator and I need to replace the check valves. I have seen the original grey ones, the little white John Guest ones, some black ones that Rabbit used, and there may be others. Has any one of these turned out to be more reliable? Is there another better choice?
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    How to check a liquidator check valve

    Can I determine whether a Liquidator check valve is good before I install it?
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    What do I need to add to my T101p3 to run a 2 speed pump

    I have an Intermatic T101P3 timer running my 120V 12amp 1HP single speed pump. I am contemplating replacing it with a Pentair 120V 1 HP dual speed pump. I know that the T106m can be added on to the T104 for a 220Volt pump, but can't seem to find what to add to the T101 to run a 120V 2 speed...
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    Will the Liquidator work in my setup

    I am interested in the Liquidator, but not sure it will work without a modification of my plumbing. My pump sits directly below the skimmer with a 2" pvc pipe between them. The straight down drop is about 30". I don't understand the physics, but I have read that there needs to be resistance...
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    Do leaves add phosphates?

    I have several Live Oaks around my pool and they are always dropping leaves into the pool. A pool repairman told me that the leaves add phosphates and I should add phosphate remover a couple times a year. What do you think?
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    How to patch or splice a float hose on the Polaris 65

    I have a Polaris Turtle which is a pressure side cleaner that floats on top of the pool dragging a sweep hose and bag. The float hose has a puncture hole. I would like to patch the hose, but do not know what to use. I also have some extra hose so if I could find the right connectors I could...
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    Is a Special Glue Required

    I have a Waterway pump and sand filter. The pump and sand filter are connected by a flexible hose. Before TFP I had hooked up a puck chlorinator and to do so had inserted a PVC T into the flexible hose. I used regular PVC glue, but had a hard time getting it to seal. The joints have started...
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    If I cover the pool do I have to close

    I am in South Texas and we will have overnight lows in the mid to high 20s a few nights a year. Most days it will warm to 40s and certainly above freezing. I have a 7,500 gal ABG that is protected from wind. In the past I simply cut the pump time down and left the pool uncovered. However...
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    Water Softner and alkalenity

    My household water has a CH of 250 and a TA of 280. Will a water softner reduce one or both of these numbers?
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    Does length of suction side pipe matter to Liquidator?

    I am getting ready to replace my flexible pipe with pvc in anticipation of adding the Liquidator. At present I have an ABG with the skimmer almost directly above the pump. It is a straight drop from the skimmer to the pump of about 3 feet. I remember reading somewhere that the Liquidator...
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    Balancing the Water in my Spa

    I have a 325 gal Hot Springs spa with an ozonator and Silver Ion Cartridge. The ozonator runs all the time. I have just refilled the spa and here are my test results: FC .5 CC 0 PH 7.2 TA 350 CH 260 CYA 0 The manufacturer recommends TA of 125-150, CH 150-200, PH 7.4 - 7.6. They also...
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    Can I rejuvenate my Silver Ion Cartridge

    I have a Hot Springs spa that has an ozonator and also uses a "FreshWater" silver ion cartridge. They recommend replacing the cartridge every 4 months. I was once told by someone the cartridge did not need to be replaced as it could be rejuvenated. Is this true and how do I do that? It...
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    How do I replace deck boards

    Not sure this is the right place for this question. I have some deck boards that have curled up at the end near the pool. I need to replace the curled up part. (See pic.) I also have boards I have to remove at least part of the board (need about 2 inch clearance to remove cap and only have...
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    Is Adding a Return to AG pool a DIY project

    I have only one return and I would like to add a second and convert to PVC plumbing. I am comfortable with working with PVC, but have no experience with cutting a hole in the above ground pool and vinyl liner. Is this something that I can do or do I need to get a professional to punch the hole?
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    Need light recommendation for above ground pool

    I am looking for recommendations for a light to my above ground pool. I would like it bright enough to be able to see the pool bottom and at the same time be aesthetically pleasing. What do you recommend? Thanks, Larry
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    What to do about falling leaves

    My pool is surrounded by Oak trees. They are beautiful and give relief from our hot Texas sun, but they drop leaves all year. My skimmer basket is on the small side, so it fills pretty fast and even if it is not full there are always some leaves that it does not catch and sink to the bottom...
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    Salt and Borax

    Is there any disadvantage or advantage to using both 2000ppm salt and 50ppm Borax? I am not using a salt generator, just thinking about adding salt for the feel of the water. Larry
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    What is Correct Level of CH

    My CH varies a lot. Maybe it is me and my testing. I use the TF-100 and it always is difficult to determine how much of a color change is needed to arrive at the number. So my CH may actually be higher. But, I digress. My CH was up to 550 on July 1 when I left on vacation and is now 470. We...
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    Vacation - Shock before leaving?

    I used bleach to shock and MA & aeration to clear my water and to lower TA. In preparation for being gone for 10 days I put trichlor pucks in my chlorinator to get the right setting to maintain FC at 5 or 6 while I am gone. However, with the chlorinator wide open I am only getting an FC of...
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    What is the Maximum FC level safe for swimming

    What or how do I determine is the maximum FC level that is safe for swimming? I seem to remember reading 10 somewhere. Is that correct? Larry
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    Is it Chemistry or Filter

    I have been trying to clarify my water for over a week. It is cloudy - I can only see down about 3 ft and that is hazy. The color is correct - not green - but hazy is the best way I know to describe it. Here are my numbers: PH 7.6 FC 6.5 CC .5 TA 240 CA 380 CYA - depends on what is meat by...
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    Stuck Union & Low Suction

    I just discovered this forum. I did a search, but did not find an answer to my question and hope you can give me some ideas. It all started when I installed an ez-vac (Kreepy Krawley for Above Ground Pool) and discovered I do not have enough suction. I spoke to my pool guy and he said he...